Denggeng Bathhouse in Lushui City, Nujiang

Denggeng Bathhouse is 12 kilometers from Liuku(六库), at an altitude of 1000 meters. According to the traditional custom of Lisu people, they hold the “Spring bathing meeting” for more than 100 years at Denggeng village(登埂村) of Luzhang Town(鲁掌镇),  Lushui County of Nujiang prefecture, which falls on every lunar second day to the sixth day of the Spring Festival, with the activities of singing, crossbow-shooting, sword mountain climbing, fire sea diving, and hot-spring bathing. 

It is said that the bathing meeting is an important activity of Kuoshi Festival of Lisu people, which is equivalent to the Spring Festival of the Han nationality. Kuoshi Festival, starts from the the fifth day of lunar December to the tenth day of next January. They believe that after taking a bath in the hot spring during the bathing meeting, they won’t get sick for a year. So they gather from all directions to take the bath, after that, hold a crossbow competition, play on the swings, also have some commodity transaction. Therefore, it is also an annual grand gathering of Lisu people from both sides of the Nu river.