Equipments for Yubeng Travel

Yubeng hiking is a chanllenging process, so get a full preparation is very important. Thus what do you need? Check the list.
1. A hiking bag
It’s a neccessary item for hiking, You need it to pack your personal clothes, a bottle of water, a camera and some food into the bag. It’s ok for 30-40L.
2. Alpenstock
Prepare 2 alpenstocks or sticks. They may help you to trek throughout the route especially when you go up and go down the slope. You have to go back if you have a tumbling.
3. Kneecap
It may relieve the pain of the hiking tour. You’d better wearing the kneecap when you are hiking if you want to do more trekking or keep your knees fit.
4. Gloves
It may prevent the body heat dissipating too fast especially when you are doing a hiking tour with a high altitude like Ice Lake, and it also increase the friction to avoid the slip of the hands.
5. A small flashlight
Most of the hostels are not equipped with an independent bathroom. It may does help when you go to the bathroom at night or When there is a power failure. It’s also helpful for people who want to enjoy the sunrise in Sacred Waterfall before daybreak.
6. Gaiters
It plays an important role when you are trekking to Ice Lake during December to May. By the way, it must be used with a pair of hiking shoes and it’s rarely used in other months.
7. Suitable clothes
Wear a down coat or GER-TAX in winter, the temperature is low and the wind is strong. You’d better wearing quick-dry clothes which are loose and ventilate in summer. If you want to trek to Sacred Waterfall, prepare a raincoat and a suit of clean clothes.
8. Hiking shoes and socks
There are many slopes and broken stones throughout the hiking route of Yubeng Village. Hiking shoes and socks can protect your feet and increase the speed of trekking.
9. Food
Prepare some food like beef jerky, chocolates and fruit to replenish body energy.
10. Sunscreen products
Sunscreen products like a bottle of sun scream, a pair of sunglasses and a lipstick are neccessary because the ultraviolet ray is strong in highland.
11. Medicines
Yubeng is a remote village and the medical facilities are not good, it’s suggested to prepare some medicines in case of illness.
12. Oxygen tanks
Prepare two bottle of oxygen tanksin case of the altitudestress.