Ganiang Town of Yuanyang County, Honghe

Chinese Name: 元阳噶娘乡
English Name: Ganiang Town in Yuanyang County, Honghe
Keywords: Hani folk culture and buildings, terraces
Location: located in the east of Yuanyang County
Admission Fee: ¥0
Opening Hours: All Day Long
About Ganiang Town in Yuanyang County

Ganiang Town sits in the east of Yuanyang County, borders Shangxincheng Town in the east and Laomeng Town of Jinping County in the south, neighbors Xinjie Town in the west and Nansha Town in the north, facing Baohe Town and Jiasha Town in Gejiu City across the Red River, 84 kilometers from the county center(Nansha Town). it expands with ups and downs without a piece of flatland and enjoys A Subtropical Monsoon Climate and vertical climate. The average temperature is 16.2℃. there is a path leading to Ganiang Town from Laohuzui tourism area. Ganiang Town is surrounded by clouds. The villages with old houses stands in the valley and the terraces descend down layer by layer.