Haba Snow Mountain Climbing in October

Haba Snow Mountain Weather and Climate in October

The vertical alpine climate is formed because of the mountain’s altitude, and thus the climates are various in ascending order. Subtropical zone, cold temperate zone, frigid zone, paramos are distributed in different parts with different altitude. The difference in temperature between the top and the foot of the mountain can reach up to 23℃. Snow on the top of the main peak of the mountain persists all the year around. The upstanding main peak, together with four little peaks around it, seems to be a shining crown on a fine day from a distance.

What to Wear for a October Haba Snow Mountain Climbing

If you don’t have your own climbing equipment, you can rent it there.You have to have suitable waterproof shoes and clothes, warm gloves, hat, couple a pair of socks, sunscreen, lip balm; take also mobile power bank, hiking stick. Sleeping bag is very useful, especially if you visit during winter. Take a lamp too; you will need it, as the climb to the mountain top from base camp starts very early in the morning. Advice is to bring head lamp, or rent one.

Things to see and do at Haba Snow Mountain in October

The main activity there is climbing and Haba Snow Mountain is the ideal destination for skillful backpackers or travel fans. However, a common tourist can climb up Haba Snow Mountain at the elevation of nearly 5,400 meters if he or she is well equipped and prepared adequately.

Useful Travel Tips for your Haba Snow Mountain Travel in October

Best time to climb Haba Snow Mountain is between mid of March till end of June and mid of September till mid of December. Other time it is whether rainy or wind is too strong (January, February). Affected by the monsoons, fresh gales blow in January and February. But the force of the wind falls in November and December, which makes them the best times to visit the mountain. May and June are also the best months because the azaleas are in full blossom at that time, and the mountain turns into a beautiful sea of azaleas.

– Mandatory 200 RMB for conservation.

Haba Snow Mountain Weather and Climate by Month

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