How to Plan Haba Snow Mountain Climbing and Hiking Tours

There are more 150 mountain peaks in Yunnan Province. Snow Mountain Climbing is about the hiking and climbing tours to the famous mountains in Yunnan especially the Three Parallel Rivers Area. Haba Snow Mountain is the most popular mountain to climb among these mountains, it is regarded as an ideal trekking paradise for beginners who are intended to climb a real snow mountain at an altitude of more than 5000m.

Haba Snow Mountain Climbing Tours can be planned with Three Parallel Rivers and Lijiang Shangri-la tours. The nearby Baima Snow Mountain Trekking Tour and Biluo Snow Mountain Trekking Tour are also popular among adventurers. The classic trekking tour for Haba Snow Mountain usually starts from the Tiger Leaping Gorge as a warm up. It allows you to experience the typical process of climbing a snow mountain from trekking to base camp and the final summit. You will go through Gorges, alpine vegetation, meadows, boundless snow, glaciers with paranoramic views of snow mountains all around you and the Tiger Leaping Gorge thousands of metres below, you will feel on top of the world! You want an adventure trip? Let’s start with Haba Snow Mountain Trekking.

Haba Snow Mountain Hiking Tours without Climbing
Hike to Black Sea (Lake) from Haba Village
Hike to Haba Snow Mountain Bace Camp from Haba Village
Haba Snow Mountain Circumambulation Hiking Tours
Hike to Haba Snow Mountain Bace Camp from Tiger Leaping Gorge

Classic Haba Snow Mountain Climbing Tours

Haba Snow Mountain Climbing Tours with Tiger Leaping Gorge Trekking

Yunnan Travel Guide for Haba Snow Mountain Trekking Tours