How to Get to Baisha Old Town from Lijiang

This article introduces the way to get to Baisha Old Town from Lijiang. Baisha Old Town is one of the oldest towns in Lijiang City. It got its name Baisha meaning white sand from the natural white sand in the area. It was the cradle-land of the Tusi Dynasty evolved from the Mu Clan. It was also the earliest settlement of the Naxi people. In ancient times, Baisha was a center of silk embroidery in southwest China and an important place on the Ancient Tea and Horse Road. 

How to Get to Baisha Old Town from Lijiang?

By Bus 

There is a No.6 Bus departing from the entrance of  Lijiang Ancient Town to Baisha Government. You need to walk about 300 m to get Baisha Old Town. It costs abou CNY2.

City Bus No. 6
Stops: the entrance of  Lijiang Ancient Town, Hongtaiyang Square, Heilongtan, Municipal Maternal and Child Health Station, Xiangshan Road,  Yufeng Relative‘s Courtyard, Qingxi Reservoir, Wenrong Village, Wenrong New Village, Yunda College of Tourism, The Fourth Prison District of Lijiang Prison, Baisha Turntable, Baisha Township People’s Government, Xiangyang Village, Fengle Village, Yulong Village, Sanduo Cabinet,  Yufeng Temple,  Yushuizhai

By Taxi

You also can get there by taxi, and it costs about CNY20.

By Riding

Riding is a good choice to get to Baisha Old Town. The whole distance is about 12km. You can enjoy the scenery of Lijiang.


Hiking Tour Map from Baisha Old Town to Wenhai Lake in Lijiang

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