How to Plan Yunnan Ancient Villages and Towns Tours

There are many villages and towns that are still keeping the pure life, ancient culture and long tradition in Yunnan. They are the best places to visit for Yunnan Minority Discovery Tours during your Yunnan Travel. Yunnan Ancient Villages and Towns Tour is designed for Yunnan Ethnic Culture Tours, and is sometimes planned with Festival Tour and Tea Culture Tour.  The following Yunnan Travel Packages are good choices to know Yunnan traditional and ethnic culture. Step into the villages or towns, visit local families, eat local food, do some hiking around the villages or towns, and stay overnight in their houses, etc. All of these make the tours much more mysterious, worthwhile and interesting.

Yunnan Minority Discovery Tour

Wenshan Ancient Villages and Towns Tour

Lijiang Ancient Villages and Towns Tour

Xishuangbanna Ancient Villages and Towns Tour

Yunnan Travel Guide for Ancient Villages and Towns Tour: