Li Guihua – Inheritor of Special Bamboo Weaving in Jiangchuan County, Yuxi 


Li Guihua(李贵华) was born in 1952, and he is a native of  Longjie Town, Jiangchuan County, Yuxi City(玉溪市江川县龙街镇). Weaving is the ancestral skill of his family. 

Personal Experiences

When he was a child, he followed his father in bamboo weaving  and engaged in furniture and toy weaving. Once he learned from a legendary story that the ancient artist wove fan with bamboo silk, the face of which was not colored, but could show the famous mountains and rivers of our country. It was amazing. From then on, he was determined to carry forward this unique skill. After carefully study and constantly practice, he finally got familiar with this skill. The width of the bamboo silk he used was only 1 millimeter(mm), and the thickness was only 0.03 millimeter(mm). Using of different depth of bamboo color to weave wonderful patterns, he makes the patterns hide in the fan , only to appear in a certain light, spectators are all exclaiming when they see it.


He is the first  batch of inheritor of provincial intangible cultural heritage. 

Chinese Version:
Translated by Lynette Fu/ 付云锐