Li Yunyi – Representative Inheritor of  Bai House Painting Project in Shuanglang Town, Dali


Li Yunyi(李云义) was born in 1942, and he is Bai ethnic minority, a member of Changyu Village, Shuanglang Town, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture(大理白族自治州双廊镇长育村人). He is good at Architectural Painting (Painting of Bai Nationality Residences白族居民彩绘) and he is a representative successor of the project.

Personal Experiences

Li Yunyi was fond of folk art when he was a child. After graduating from high school he returned home, he began to further study and research on colored drawing, and got the advice of Li Wenxiu(李文秀) who is an old folk artist. Since 1988, through learning and practicing, he have mastered the Bai nationality’s painting process and various expression techniques, and have his own technical characteristics. On the basis of the tradition of color design, his innovations about architecture and colored drawing harmonious, natural and generous; relief is another skill that he is good at. He is a well-known Bai folk house painter.


His representative works include: Dazhaobi of Jizu Mountain Zhusheng Temple in Binchuan, Dali: Daofang Panorama of Jizu Mountain大理宾川鸡足山祝圣寺的大照壁;(鸡足山道坊全景图), Molong Picture(墨龙图) of Jizu Mountain cultural relics room , Painting of Bai ethnic minority’s wall in Yunnan Ethnic Village(云南民族村中白族村的照壁彩绘), Painting on both sides of the stage in Wenchang Palace(文昌宫) in Dali, etc.

During his life time, he teaches his apprentices skills that he mastered to foster the next generation. At present, his apprentices include his son Li Yanfeng(李艳峰), Zheng Tang(郑堂) and Yang Hu(杨虎), he have made positive contributions to the inheritance and protection of Bai folk house paintings.

He is a national inheritor of Bai house painting project.

Chinese Version:
Translated by Lynette Fu/ 付云锐