Kang Langtun – Representative Inheritor of Dai Zhangha Project in Mengla County, Xishuangbanna

Personal Profile

Kang Langtun康朗屯 (also known as Pohongla波洪腊), male, Dai, born in 1938, is a member of Mengha Village Committee of Mengbao Town, Mengla County, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture. Zhang Ha project representative successor.

Kang Langtun and Dai Zhangha Project

Kang Langtun liked Zhang Ha’s singing since childhood. At the age of 25, he was a teacher of Baumei III(波迈囡三), Yan Mailong(岩迈龙叫), Kang Languang(康朗光) and learned to sing chords. After several years of study, he was able to sing independently, and sang all over the Dai villages. He also went to Laos to wake up and perform many times. Zhang Ha’s songs are very rich in content. They are mainly sung in Dai New Year, celebrating bridal chambers, weddings, temples and other occasions and places, which add a lot of festive atmosphere to the festival and are welcomed by villagers.

Achievement and Creations

In addition, he has also collected and copied a number of scriptures and bayette scriptures, such as Lai Jing, Gaya Sangaya”嘎丫三嘎丫” (the origin of Dai scripture), Pachao”帕召” (Buddhist scripture), Tangma La Nuluo”汤麻拉算咯” (education chapter), Mangala Suan Xiyu”芒嘎拉杉喜瘪” (the song of monks when entering temple), and so on. He created and sang such works as “Praise Doctors”, “Pick up Gold without Ignorance”, “Mankan Catch-up”(曼坎赶集) and so on, which were published in Banna Magazine and Banna Newspaper successively, and became the famous local Zhang Ha.

Yu Guang and His Apprentices

At present, he has 36 apprentices, of which the more excellent are: Yankanxiang(岩坎香), Bowenxiang(波温香) and so on. He and his disciples participated in the second, third and fourth performances of Xishuangbanna Quyi Show and won first, second and third prizes respectively.

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Translated by Winnie/张赢