Li Zhaluo –  Inheritor of Lusheng Dance  and  “Mupamipa” -Creation Myths of  Lahu Ethnic Minority in Lancang County, Puer 


Li Zhaluo(李扎倮), male, Lahu nationality(拉祜族), born in 1943, is a member of Lancang Lahu Autonomous County(澜沧拉祜族自治县), Puer City(普洱市). Li Zhaluo and his brother, Li Zhage(李扎戈) are the inheritors of Lusheng Dance of Lahu Ethnic Minority(拉祜族芦笙舞) and Epic of Creation-Mupamipa (牡帕密帕) in Jiujing Town(酒井乡) of Lancang County, Puer.

Personal Experiences

Li Zhaluo and his brother were born in a family of singing and dancing. Their predecessors have a history of singing and dancing inheritance for generations. Some of their younger generations are well-known for their singing and dancing creation and performance.
Li Zhaluo and Li Zhage began to learn Lahu ethnic song and dance when they were 13 years old. They learned the traditional movements and routines of Lusheng dance and the national epic Mupamipa. When there were major festivals or sacrificial activities, they would follow the master to participate in. 
After more than 10 years of study, they have mastered the skills of Lusheng dance and the ability of choreography. They have learned the speaking and singing of Mupamipa, and become a very few artists who can fully speak and sing this epic.


In 1989, Mupamipa sung by Li Zhaluo was published by Yunnan National Culture Press(云南民族文化出版社).
In February 2005, Li Zhaniluo performed Lusheng Dance in CCTV’s Charm 12 column(魅力十二栏目).
n 2006, he sang Mupamipa and performed Lusheng Dance in the First National Art Festival of Puer City(普洱第一届民族艺术节).

Chinese Verson:
Translated by Olive/张银芳

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