Hangzhou- Lijiang Flights

Hangzhou- Lijiang Flights offer the flights schedule between Hangzhou(杭州) and  Lijiang(丽江). The distance between Hangzhou and Lijiang is about 2900 kilometers. It takes at least three hours and 20 minutes by air. Hangzhou and Lijiang are famous tourist cities in China. Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province is renowned as a paradise on earth because of its wonderful sceneries. With a profound basis of culture, its long history of 2,200 years and a large number of human heritages and natural landscapes, Hangzhou has become a hot city for tourists. 

Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport杭州萧山国际机场
Address : Yingbin Avenue, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou(浙江省杭州市萧山区)

Lijiang Sanyi  International Airport丽江三义国际机场
Address :Qi’he Town, Gu’Cheng District, Li’jiang City, Yunnan Province (丽江市古城区七河乡)

Hangzhou-Lijiang Flights Schedule

There two direct flights JD5191 and CA1915, the rest ten are non-direct flights.
Among them, GJ8801, G54161Y, G54163A and GJ8733 are available on every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday; GJ8025, GJ8811, G54779S and G54719F are available on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday; JD5191, HO1055 and MU4897 are available on everyday; CA1915 is only unavailable on every Saturday.

Flight No.
Airlines Departure Arrival Duration Stopover Full Price
JD5191 Capital Airlines 09:00 12:20 3h20m             / 2600¥
CA1915 China Air 06:35 10:10 3h35m             / 2600¥
GJ8801 Loong Air 07:15 12:05 4h50m Huaihua 2600¥
GJ8733 Loong Air 09:20 14:20 5h Anshun 2600¥
HO1055 Lucky Air 06:45 11:35 4h50m Guiyang 2600¥
G54163A China Express Airlines 11:50 23:05 11h15m Chongqing 1060¥
MU4897 China Eastern Airlines 06:45 11:35 4h50m Guiyang 2600¥
G54161Y China Express Airlines 11:50 19:50 8h Chongqing 2600¥
GJ8025 Loong Air 07:15 12:00 4h45m Zhangjiajie 2600¥
GJ8811 Loong Air 09:20 14:20 5h Zunyi 2600¥
G54779S China Express Airlines 11:40 19:50 8h10m Chongqing 2630¥
G54719F China Express Airlines 11:40 18:55 7h15m Chongqing 3110¥

Lijiang-Hangzhou Flights Schedule

There are fourteen flights departing from Lijiang Sanyi International Airport and arriving at Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport. Among them, JD5192 and CA1916 are direct flights and the rest twelve are non-direct flights. All of the flights running four, five,six or seven flights a week. The journey is around 2h55m to 14h55m.

Flight No.
Airlines Departure Arrival Duration Stopover Full Price
JD5192 Capital Airlines 13:10 16:15 3h5m             / 2600¥
CA1916 China Air 11:00 13:55 2h55m             / 2600¥
GJ8802 Loong Air 20:10 00:50+1 4h40m Huaihua 2600¥
GJ8734 Loong Air 16:50 21:15 4h25m Anshun 2600¥
HO1056 Lucky Air 12:20 16:55 4h35m Guiyang 2600¥
G53788P China Express Airlines 18:40 10:40+1 16h Chongqing 1550¥
MU4898 China Eastern Airlines 12:20 16:55 4h35m Guiyang 2600¥
G53788Q China Express Airlines 19:55 10:40+1 14h45m Chongqing 1550¥
GJ8026 Loong Air 19:55 00:25+1 4h30m Zhangjiajie 2600¥
G53788O Loong Air 23:15 10:40+1 11h40m Zunyi 1580¥
G53782C China Express Airlines 23:20 11:10+1 11h50m Xian 2190¥
G51120N China Express Airlines 23:15 10:50+1 11h25m Chongqing 13800¥
G52360B China Express Airlines 23:15 10:50+1 11h25m Chongqing 1400¥
G53506G China Express Airlines 19:55 10:50+1 14h55m Chongqing 1550¥

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