Malizhai Rice Terraces in Yuanyang County, Honghe

Chinese Name:麻栗寨梯田
English Name: 
Malizhai Rice Terraces in Yuanyang County, Honghe
: Custom and Culture of Hani People, Natural Landscape
Location: 15 kilometers far from the east of Xinjie town of Yuanyang county, Honghe
Rice Terraces Area: about 582 hectare
Admission Fee:¥100

‣ About Malizhai Rice Terraces Scenic Area

Malizhai Rice Terraces Scenic Area(麻栗寨景区梯田) mainly consists of Quanfuzhuang Rice Terraces, Bada Rice Terraces, Malizhai Rice Terraces, Shangmadian Rice Terraces and Mali Village. There are 17 natural villages, 1910 households and 10244 people in the whole scenic area. Visitors can appreciate rice terraces, sea of clouds and buildings of Hani people here because Malizhai Rice Terraces Scenic Area is the central area to comprehend, study and experience Hani’s culture.

Mali Village(麻栗寨)is famous for the colorful terrace in such a high altitude. Visitors can stand on the high position to take a bird-eye view of the large scale of the terrace field. The terrace is like mirrors on the mountain when reflecting the sunshine. Especially after 4 o’ clock in the afternoon, with the sunset dipping below the horizon, the surfaces of the terrace turn into pink, red and again pink, finally white.

It is situated on the plateau of an altitude of 1, 600m; the cloud twines among the mountains for over 200 days in a year. The Mali Village is absolutely the holy land to the shutterbug. In the morning and afternoon, sometimes there will even be three layers of cloud.