Mengnong Sishu Chieftain Palace in Yuanyang County, Honghe

Chinese Name:元阳猛弄土司府
English Name: 
Mengnong Sishu Chieftain Palace in Yuanyang County, Honghe
: Mengnong Chief Palace, Yuanyang Terrace Fields
Location: 4 kilometers away from Laohuzui Rice Terraces
Admission Fee¥10
Opening Hours: All Day Long

About Mengnong Chieftain Palace in Yuanyang County

Mengnong Chieftain Palace in Yuanyang County of Honghe is built in 1735A.D, located in the north of Tengtiao River, belongs to Panzhihua Village. It’s 4 kilometers away from Laohuzui Rice Terraces, standing on the top of a mountain.

Chieftain is a appellation since Yuan dynasty, it’s a official position for the leader of minorities in border areas like the southwest region. It can be inherited with the permission of the authority. It’s a kind of political system for governing the border area with a minority leader During the feudal period.  

The one with most concern is the 18 chieftains, among them, some are the brave pioneers, some are the heroes of guarding the border. Mengnong chieftain is the most notable one. They create the unique, mysterious chieftain culture.

National Protection War was broken out in 1915, Mengnong chieftain supported Tangjirao warlord and Cai’e warlord against Yuanshikan. Mengnong chieftains lead the people of all nationalities to resist the Japanese. The move is recognized and appreciated by the warlords and the public in Yunnan.

The house is constructed in a turret architectural style. There are birds and flowers patterns on the gate and pillars. The two side of Mengnong chieftain palace is the lodging place of soldiers. The courtyard is a  two-floor building. The whole house is quadrangle courtyard with 60 rooms.
Mengnong Chieftain Palace in Yuanyang County, Honghe