Nahong Zhuang Ethnic Village in Puzhehei, Wenshan

Why is Nahong Zhuang Ethnic Village So Special?

The Nahong Zhuang village那红壮族村 is characterized by beautiful mountains and rivers, forest of ancient trees and attractive springs. There are 1000-year-old ancient trees and near 100 peasant households in the village. Nahong Zhuang village has fully displayed the Zhuang culture, and concentrated the Zhuang custom in Wenshan, and established Zhuang culture brand of Wenshan Prefecture.

The Nahong Zhuang village and Puzhehei film and television shooting base那红壮族村普者黑影视拍摄基地 is a film and television shooting base integrating the Zhuang folk custom experience and film and television shooting. The purpose is to deeply explore the cultural tourism resources of Qiubei county, fully demonstrate the Zhuang culture, and show the Zhuang custom of Wenshan to the public in the way of film and television. There are village gate, Zhuang people’s residence, ethnic culture square, old people’s hall老人厅, Fengyu(wind and rain) bridge, Zhuang people’s culture exhibition hall, etc. The introduction of film and television production units to shoot can fully reflect the Zhuang custom of high-end cultural products.

Nearby Attractions

1. Luoshuidong Lake落水洞湖

It is the first leg of the Puzhehei tour. Stretching 10 km from south to north, it is the deepest lake in the scenic area with an average depth of 4 meters, and the deepest point is 30 meters. Tourists can hear the Zhuang girls singing their love songs while sailing along with the current on the crystal water. The Yi, Sani and Miao live a peaceful life here.

2. Puzhehei Lake普者黑湖

Puzhehei Lake is a plateau freshwater lake, also known as Lantern Lake. Puzhehei is the transliteration of Yi language, meaning “a pond is full of fish and shrimp.” Local people also call it Pearl Lake. Lake is clear, in summer, boating in the lake, you can see 10,000 mu of lotus blooming, the scenery is amazing.

3. Qinglong Mountain青龙山

Qinglong Mountain is located in the central part of Puerhei Lake, the main peak is 1555.8 meters above sea level, opposite to Phoenix Mountain in the south, forming the pattern of “Dragon and Phoenix”. There are 8 karst caves including torch cave, moon cave, Zhangju stone cave and so on. Cave entrance is connected with lake, exceptionally mysterious. Standing on Qinglong Mountain, overlooking the full view of Puzhehei, Qinglong mountain top is also the best place to watch sunrise and sunset.

4. Swan Lake天鹅湖

Puzhehei Swan Lake is an ecotype lake, composing of karst solitary peak group, lake group, karst cave group and wetland ecological group. The wetland organism in the lake area is extremely rich, and there are more then 100 species and 10000 migratory birds, like wild geese, swans, herons, egrets and so on. Since October 1, 2013, Puzhehei Swan Lake has been open to tourists for four times a day. Visitors can choose to walk or ride in battery cars and battery boats to roam the lake area, watch the view of all birds fly together, as well as feel the harmony between people and nature, human beings and animals.

Best Time to Visit

Nahong Zhuang Ethnic Village in Puzhehei, Wenshan

The best time to visit Nahong Zhuang Ethnic Village is from May to October, and especially in July and August. May to October is on season. At that time, the lotus flowers in Puzhehei Scenic Area are in full blossom. And the local “Painted Face Festival(Hualian Festival)”, the local busiest and happiest festival, usually celebrates around July 18, lasting for about one month.

Travel Tips

1. Learn something about Zhuang minority and Zhuang culture in advance.

2. The local torch festival is around the 6th lunar month and Hualian festival(Painted Face Festival) is about the 2nd lunar month. If you travel in Puzhehei during the festival, you will have a chance to experience the festival party.

3. In highland area, temperature difference is large between daytime and night, you must bring sun cream, sunhat, sun glasses, umbrella, coats and some medicines that protect from heatstroke.

Transportation and Accommodation

Nahong Zhuang Ethnic Village is in Puzhehei Scenic Area, therefore, for transportation and accommodation, you can refer to Puzhehei Scenic Area.

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