Nuodeng Old Town in Yunlong County, Dali

Nuodeng Ancient Town

Nuodeng, a thousand-years town, a famous historic and cultural village of Yunnan province. Located in mountainous area, it is far away from the hustle and bustle of metropolis. It is the true place with original flavor of life. Except for the profound history, Nuodeng is the important place of Ancient Salt and Horse Road. Salt is the key point of Nuodeng Ancient Town. Walk in the Nuodeng Ancient Town and view the busy Ancient Salt and Horse Road.

Why is Nuodeng Ancient Town so special?

Nuodeng is one of oldest and traditional village of Yunnan, which is the oldest famous economic town of Bai ethnic group amassing most of ancient buildings and cultural relics of Ming and Qing Dynasties. Nowadays, Nuodeng Village still owes more than one hundred local-style dwelling houses and yards, which are at the foot of a hill and beside a stream with flexible shapes and elegant styles. It is one of the top ten tourism town, also one of the five salt wells.

Where is Nuodeng Ancient Town?

Nuodeng Town of Yunlong county lies to the rendezvous place of the world natural legacy—Three Rivers, which is a place of interest. It is about 7 km northwest of Yunlong and 160 kilometers from Dali city in the east.

How to Get to Nuodeng Ancient Town?

Nuodeng is loacted in rural area, so it is not so convenient to transfer in Nuodeng. Travelers had better drive to Nuodeng since there is many public bues.


Nuodeng, a famous historic and cultural village of Yunnan province. As early as in 110 AD in the Han Dynasty, Emperor Wudi set up Bisu County at this place, where there was a fine salt well and people began to develop it. During Nanzhao Kingdom, the history of ethnic groups records something about Nuodeng well. In Ming Dynasty, One of Four Institutions of Yunnan especially in charge of the tax revenue imposed on “Five Salt Wells ” was established in Nuodeng. Finally, Nuodeng , became the center of the Ancient Salt and Tea Road, with Dali in the east, Baoshan in the south, Tengchong and Burman in the west, Lijiang and Tibet in the north.

Main Attractions

Nuodeng Town boomed and played an important role in economy of Dali because of the salt industry. Local people lived on production of salt. There are a lot of temple buildings such as Yuhuangge Pavilion, Wen Temple, Wu Temple, Longwang Temple, Squared Gate built in Ming and Qin Dynasties. The sites of salt well, salt bureau, salt institution and the old post road, streets and the Ancient Salt and Horse Road can easily be seen. All of these are living materials to show the prosperity of salt economy and the development of culture. It has also demonstrated that the main culture, policy, economy of the Chinese nation always can be unified and traced to the same origin with Yunnan, a multi-national border province of China.

You’ll hear much of the‘thousand—year—old village’ around these parts, and it refers to this lovely anachronistic hamlet with one of the highest concentrations of Bai in Yunnan. Nuodeng is unquestionably the highlight to any visit to the area.

Entering the village from Yunlong, you cross the river and hit tile first of the town’s many salt wells. Grubby today, perhaps, but it was once the lifeblood of dynastic ambition. Ascending from here you start into your own personal architectural tour. The paths narrow and lead into a wondrous labyrinth of more than 100 ancient dwellings. You’ll likely be invited in to nose around a few places, just remember to be polite and not get too animated with the camera.

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Best Time to Visit

March to April is the best time to visit Nuodeng. There are many festivals and activities of Bai nationality during March and April, traveling in March and April, people will experience the rich local folk customs.

Useful Travel Tips

1.A lot of festivals and events of Bai nationality focused on March to April each year, travel at this time you will feel rich ethnic customs.

2.When the weather is fine in Nuodeng, the sunshine is heated, and ultraviolet light is strong. People should avoid direct sunlight, and the sun hat preparation is required during outdoor activities, a pair of sunglasses will make you comfortable in the trip.

3.Respect local custom of ethnic minority.

4.You’ll likely be invited in to nose around a few places, just remember to be polite and not get too animated with the camera.