Protection Fare of Lijiang Ancient Town

Lijiang charges an 80 yuan “maintenance fee” to all people visiting the old town — more commonly referred to as Dayan (大研). In years past, bypassing the charge was relatively easy if tourists knew which gates to use. However, ticket sellers and the local government have clamped down over the past year, making the levy payment mandatory.

Lijiang cuts maintenance fees
The Old Town of Lijiang, Southwest China’s Yunnan province, will cut the maintenance fee from 80 yuan ($11.61) per person to 50 yuan from Jan 1, 2019, with the charging objects, scope, means and exemption scope remaining unchanged, the Lijiang Protection Administration Bureau announced on Dec 25, 2018.

Eight categories of people are already exempt, including children who are less than 1.2 meters in height or under the age of 12; senior people over 60 years old; handicapped people with a valid certificate of disability; servicemen with military officers, police officers, civilian cadres, those holding compulsory serviceman or military student cards; national model and advanced workers with valid certificates; guides with tourist guide certification and tourist bus drivers who travel with tour groups; residents who have a registered address or temporary residence address in Lijiang, and others who meet the conditions set out in national and provincial laws and regulations.

How to Avoid Protection Fee of Lijiang Ancient Town