Shaxi Aoding Courtyard in Dali

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Chinese Name:沙溪典庭客栈
English Name: Shaxi Aoding Courtyard in Dali (Fomer Laomadian Lodge in Shaxi Old Town) Shaxi

Laomadian was founded and created in 2007, on the historical site of a 150-year-old horse caravan lodge in Shaxi, with goals to protect and restore the glory of the site. For over 10 years, Shaxi Laomadian has been highly recognized by authorities and guests, local and abroad, for its quality, its uniqueness, and its continuous effort to local development and environmental sustainability.
However, with its rental term coming to an end in August 2017, so were its hospitality services.
This was the moment for Shaxi local Dahua, long-time manager of the Laomadian, to open his own perfect place to stay in Shaxi.

Together with local craftsmen and service workers, he has worked very hard to put his personal vision into practice: to create a locally run place where foreign guests can feel relaxed and welcome in an environment that reminds of the old glory days of the little trading town. Dahua is one of the best-connected people in the valley, and is very passionate about providing unique experiences for his guests in and around Shaxi.

Shaxi Aoding Courtyard was built completely in line with traditional Bai architectural style, with courtyards and carefully arranged details and garden. The founder has further improved two common nuisances in traditional Bai constructions: poor ventilation and sound insulation. Now at Shaxi Aoding Courtyard, guests will enjoy sound and undisturbed sleep and dreams as legend in Shaxi has promised.

Laomadian Lodge in Shaxi Old Town, Dali