Shulongcun Chen’s Mosque in Weishan County, Dali

Basic Information

  • Chinese Name: 巍山县树龙村陈家清真寺
  • English Name: Shulongcun Chen’s Mosque
  • Location: Chenjia, Shulong Village, Yongjian Township, Weishan County, Dali, Yunnan Province, China
  • Address: Chenjia, Shulong Village, Yongjian Township, Weishan County, Yunnan Province, 672401


Shulongcun Chen’s Mosque is situated in Chenjia, Shulong Village, located northwest of Shuhuideng and west of Shulong Village in Yongjian Township, Weishan County. The village, named after the Chen surname, traces its ancestry back to settlers from Shaanxi Province who relocated several times before establishing roots here. Known for its picturesque surroundings with mountains and water, the village is home to a small community of Hui Muslims belonging to the Ge Dima subgroup.

Historical Background

  • Founding: The exact founding date of the mosque is unknown, but records indicate it was rebuilt in the 28th year of the Guangxu Emperor’s reign (光绪二十八年, 1902) and has undergone several renovations since then. A major expansion took place in 1987, enlarging the main prayer hall to a single-eaved gable and hip roof structure covering 160 square meters.

Structural Features

  • Main Prayer Hall: The mosque’s main prayer hall features a single-eaved gable and hip roof structure, covering an area of 160 square meters. It includes additional side rooms used for various purposes.
  • Overall Size: Shulongcun Chen’s Mosque occupies approximately 2 acres with a total construction area of 760 square meters.

Community and Education

  • Community Details: The mosque serves 18 households with about 109 Hui Muslims from the Chen family lineage within the Ge Dima subgroup.
  • Leadership: The current Imam (教长) is Ma Cijun (马慈俊), and the current School Director (学董) is Chen Jiazong (陈家宗).
  • Religious Leaders: The mosque is supported by 3 imams (阿訇).

Religious Activities

  • Facilities: Shulongcun Chen’s Mosque provides facilities for regular religious activities and education, fostering a community dedicated to Islamic teachings and practices.

Muslim Travel Tips

For Muslim travelers visiting Shulongcun Chen’s Mosque:

  1. Prayer Facilities: The mosque offers prayer facilities suitable for visitors looking to participate in congregational prayers and experience local Islamic traditions.
  2. Dress Code: Respect local customs by dressing modestly when entering the mosque. Women should bring a headscarf for mosque visits.
  3. Respect Etiquette: Follow mosque etiquette, including removing shoes before entering prayer areas and maintaining silence during prayers.
  4. Halal Food: Seek out Halal food options in Weishan County, ensuring dietary preferences align with Islamic principles.

Getting There

Shulongcun Chen’s Mosque is located in Chenjia, Shulong Village, Yongjian Township, Weishan County, Dali, Yunnan Province, China. It is accessible via local roads, offering convenient transportation options for visitors interested in exploring this historical and cultural site.