Hedijie Mosque in Weishan County, Dali

Basic Information

  • Chinese Name: 巍山河底街清真寺
  • English Name: Hedijie Mosque
  • Location: He, Yongjian Township, Weishan County, Dali, Yunnan Province, China


Hedijie Mosque is located in He, Yongjian Township, Weishan County, Dali, Yunnan Province. Established in 1984, the mosque occupies approximately 1.6 acres with a total construction area of over 600 square meters. It serves as a place of worship and community center for local Hui Muslims.

Historical Background

  • Founding: The mosque’s origins trace back to 1982 when a residential building was purchased for worship purposes. In 1984, to accommodate the growing population and the needs of the local Hui Muslim community, the current mosque building was officially constructed.

Structural Features

  • Main Prayer Hall: Hedijie Mosque features a single-eaved gable and hip roof style main prayer hall, covering an area suitable for congregational prayers and community gatherings.
  • Overall Size: The mosque complex spans about 1.6 acres with a total construction area exceeding 600 square meters, including the main prayer hall and adjacent residential structures.

Community and Education

  • Community Details: Hedijie Mosque serves approximately 25 households with over 90 Hui Muslims belonging to the Ge Dima subgroup. The community includes both Hui and Han Chinese residents.
  • Religious Leadership: The mosque is led by 1 imam (阿訇), who oversees religious activities and community affairs.

Religious Activities

  • Facilities: The mosque provides facilities for daily prayers, religious education, and community events, fostering a sense of religious identity and cultural heritage among its members.

Muslim Travel Tips

For Muslim travelers visiting Hedijie Mosque:

  1. Prayer Facilities: Hedijie Mosque offers prayer facilities suitable for visitors looking to participate in congregational prayers and experience local Islamic traditions.
  2. Dress Code: Respect local customs by dressing modestly when entering the mosque. Women should bring a headscarf for mosque visits.
  3. Respect Etiquette: Follow mosque etiquette, including removing shoes before entering prayer areas and maintaining silence during prayers.
  4. Halal Food: Seek out Halal food options in Weishan County to ensure dietary preferences align with Islamic principles.

Getting There

Hedijie Mosque is located in He, Yongjian Township, Weishan County, Dali, Yunnan Province, China. It is accessible via local roads, particularly along the Guanwei Highway, making it convenient for visitors interested in exploring this historical and cultural site in Weishan County.