Stephanie Wu

Hi, i am Stephanie Wu(伍玉婷/Yuting Wu in Chinese). A travel consultant working for Yunnan Exploration Travel (The expert travel guide for foreign travelers). A girl from Xishuangbana , where the kingdom of animals and plants with Dai nationality. You must heard this place before, it is the border of Myanmar, subtropical climate and tropical rain forest scenery. You will experience the primeval forest landscape and culture of Dai nationality. Oh, forget to tell you that there also have the water-sprinkling festival in every middle time of April.

I enjoy travelling and delicious food in different nationality and places. In my spare time, I’d like to find more interesting attractions scenery and popular delicious food in local. Especially in Yunnan , there have many different beautiful places and food. So, i have many travel experience to share with you and do the most unforgettable journey Itinerary plan for you. Welcome to our country and do not hesitate to contact me to organize an interesting itinerary for you.