The Scenery of Yuanyang Rice Terraces in Four Seasons

The Best Time to Visit Yuanyang Hani Rice Terraces in Yunnan

Yuanyang Rice Terraces in Spring
In the early Spring, Yuanyang Terraced Fields are surrounded by mist, terraces, mushroom-shaped houses and trees are immersed in the clouds, conveying a sense of mystery. There is no rice in the time and the fields are filled with water combined with the light, which forms a fantastic scene with great Light & Shade.  the mountains and valleys are  interspersed with various flower with different colors. Early morning is the best time for photographing, the terraces are covered with golden light, you may have the illusion that you are in a fairy land.

Yuanyang Rice Terraces in Summer
In summer, people are busy in farming. They still maintain the traditional farming technology with a buffalo. The terraces put on a new clothes and descend down layer by layer. A large scale of verdant rice are waving in the breeze. Farmers are busy with their work, talking to each other with simple and charming smile. Let’s divert our attention to the village. Some old men are gathering with laughs, and the kids are frolic. You can seize a ray of sunshine through the trees behind the houses.

Yuanyang Rice Terraces in Autumn
The beauty of the terraces in Spring is unique, it becomes golden all over the mountains and valleys. farmers are busy harvesting rice. Layers of terraces is just like layers of golden steps. After harvest, the fields are filled with water again, the trees and houses are more outstanding without rice. The terraces turns back into the former fantastic scene with great Light & Shade.

Yuanyang Rice Terraces in Winter
Winter is the best time for photographing, January and February are especially perfect time. Even in Winter, the average temperature is 12℃. the Clouds involve the mountains, terraces and villages. The terraces seem to be covered by a veil. The fields filled with water gets more charming with the great effect of light and shadow. It’s also the great time to enjoy the sunrise and sunset.