Tianshengqiao Scenic Area in Shangrila, Diqing

Tianshengqiao Scenis Area consists of Tianshengqiao Hot Spring Resort and Tianshengqiao Bridge. Tianshengqiao Hot Spring Resort is located 10 miles away from the Zhongdian County. Shudugang River flows through a underground solution cavity from there, forming a natural limestone bridge.Under the bridge, you can find the river flows through the cavity from south to north. A waterfall from this cavity, which spews out of the crag, mixes with the river. The underground hotspring is located 5 kilometers away from the southeast of Tianshengqiao Bridge, north of the Shudugang River.
Chinese Name: 香格里拉天生桥景区
English Name: Tianshengqiao Scenic Area in Shangrila, Diqing

There are more than 20 underground hotsprings in one square kilometer, which are in the marsh, under the rock or in the grotto. The highest temperatureis up to 69¡æ.Tianshengqiao Hotspring Beauty Spot provides houses, hotspring bathrooms and bathing pools for tourists. If you visit here by the end of Spring or the beginning of Summer, you can not only enjoy the hotspring in Tianshengqiao, but also the unique natural scenery in the grassland.

The Tianshengqiao Bridge has many legends about the magic effect of the hotsprings under this bridge. They are famous in Tibet since Qing dynasty. The hotspring are rich in minerals, so Tibetan come and take bath there. It is said that you can get all the troubles away by this way.
Tianshengqiao Scenic Area in Shangrila, Diqing