Dali Direguo Geothermal Paradise in Eryuan County, Dali

Dali Direguo Geothermal Paradise

Dali Direguo Geothermal Paradise(洱源地热国温泉), with a total investment of 347 million yuan, is a leisure tourist scenic spot featuring hot spring bathing culture. It is located in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, on the bank of Cibi Lake. It enjoys the beautiful and pleasant scenery. Enjoying the fertile soil, Eryuan offers the rich products. Dali Direguo is the important part of Dali Scenic Area, collecting the natural landscape and historic sites, which is a comprehensive scenic spot. It is the ideal place for holiday.

What to See

It is a hot spring that combines with Yunnan’s ethnic minorities. There are dozens of open-air hot spring pools with various characteristics and functions, which show the wonders of steaming and also give magical and romantic elements. The geothermal hot spring water temperature is between 70 °C and 90 °C. It is rich in potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron etc. It can be used as a natural physiotherapy hospital by fumigation with spring water. The “open-air hot springs” with different formulas, different functions and different pharmacological properties have been classified and cultivated.

Dali Direguo Geothermal Paradise in Eryuan County, Dali

The 32 open-air hot spring pools are dotted between reeds and flowers, and they are looming and different in shape. There is a pool of nourishing and purifying the mind, a medicine pool for strengthening the body, a milk pool etc. It is a great enjoyment of life in Direguo, immersing body in the spring water, talking in the swaying reeds and melting in the mist of the gauze. Every evening, the geothermal paradise will also see the wonders of the return of thousands of birds. The birds fly to gather in the reeds from all directions.

Useful Travel Tips

Travelers can take taxi to Direguo. The taxi fee is about 20 yuan.