Tianxin Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan

Chinese Name:砚山平远田心清真寺
English Name: Tianxin Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan
Keywords: Tianxin Mosque in Yanshan County, Hui nationality, mosque construction
 Located in Tianxin Village, Pingyuan Town, Yanshan County, Yunnan Province

About the Mosque

Tianxin Mosque is located in Tianxin Village(田心村), Pingyuan Town(平远镇), Yanshan County(砚山县), Yunnan Province. The mosque which was built in 1805 AD(嘉庆十年)covers an area of 3100 square meters.

In 1975, the tian xin mosque was destroyed.In February 1979, the original site was rebuilt.Its shape is similar to the original temple, but the structure has been changed to steel mixed structure.
Construction Feature

Tianxin Mosque is a palace built with the brick structure. The later-constructed bell tower is a steel mixed three-story building with the height of 31 meters. It’s Islamic-style architecture.
Main Buildings

The main buildings in Tianxin Mosque are the main hall, a scripture chamber(经匣室), two side rooms(耳房), and a worship building and so on. The main hall with a magnificent structure which can accommodate 300 to 400 people covers an area of 620 square meters. It is 17 meters high.
The worship building is more than 30 meters high, imposing and magnificent. It is a three-story building which is well built. And between the worship building and the main hall is a stone paved quadrangle courtyard.
The new main hall which can accommodate more than 1000 worshippers is a second-floor steel mixed construction with the height of 28 meters. The west and east side-rooms are on the two sides of the main hall. Inside are 8 classrooms, 2conference rooms, several lodgings and 6 store rooms.
Tianxin Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan