Songmaopo Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan

Chinese Name: 砚山松毛坡清真寺
English Name: Songmaopo Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan
Keywords: Songmaopo Mosque in Yanshan County, Muslim culture, Muslim architecture
Location: Located in Dalan Road, Pingyuan Town, Yanshan County, Yunnan Province

About Songmaopo Mosque

Songmaopo Mosque is located in Dalan Road, Pingyuan Town, Yanshan County, Yunnan Province. It is an integrated village that developed from one family to more than 280 families, composed of Tianxin Village(田心村) and Maolong Village(茂龙村).

The History of Songmaopo Mosque

In 1975, it was only a tiny mosque which can accommodate 150 people. After the Shadian Incident(沙甸事件), a religious persecution incident in 1978, with the help of the government subsidies of CNY 80000, local people donated a lot of money to build the worship hall which can accommodate 700 people to worship, the side rooms, worship, conference room, office building, bath rooms(耳房), Yibailou Building(宜拜楼), the conference room, the office, the bath room, the storeroom, and rhe dean room, altogether are 64 rooms. The whole building was complicated finally at a cost of CNY 500000. Later on, they add to build a new female church.

The Architecture and Pilgrim of the Mosque

The whole mosque covers an area of 4000 square meters. The worship hall of the mosque is a combination of Chinese and western style with an area of 500 square meters. The total area of the mosque is 2000 square meters.

A total of 1,485 Hui ethnic people worship in this mosque, among which are 5 imams(阿訇), 80 manias(满拉) and 5 Muslim charging in the finance(学董).There stores seven pairs of plaques in the mosque, and pilgrimage more than 30 haji in this place. Since 1980, the school has cultivated a total of 150 students in seven classes.

Songmaopo Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan