Giant Banyan Tree of Bamei Village in Guangnan County, Wenshan

Why is Giant Banyan Tree So Special?

When it comes to Giant Banyan Tree, she is the oldest and most sacred tree in Bamei village, and she knows a lot of things. People in the village gather to tell stories under the banyan trees, from the historical legends of Bamei to their daily life. The ancient banyan trees witness the truest touch of Bamei Village.

About Bamei Village and Giant Banyan Tree

Giant Banyan Tree of Bamei Village in Guangnan County, Wenshan

Bamei Village, located in the northern part of Guangnan County, Wenshan, is surrounded by green mountains. Surprisingly, people have to take a boat through a deep and dark water tunnel when getting in and out of the village. “Bamei” is a transliteration of Zhuang language, meaning “the cave in the forest”, which describes the geographical location of the village exactly.

This is the place where the Zhuang people live together. When entering Bamei village, you need to take a boat to go through A 1-kilometer long karst cave. In the ancient village, you will find that it is surprisingly similar to the peach blossom land described by Tao Yuanming陶渊明. This makes it the most frequented place for photography lovers.

Walking straightly to the village, there are several giant banyan trees, the oldest people in Bamei village. No one can tell their age. The villagers often gather under the giant banyan tree during the slack season. The men sit and smoke together, talking about this year’s harvest and killing time. The women sit under the trees, weaving together and chatting among themselves. The children would sit on small benches and listen to the old people in the village telling stories of the past. From the years of war to the celebration of singing and dancing, from the planting of crops in the fields to the mythology of Bamei Village. Old banyan trees carry and witness everything in Bamei village.

Nearby Attractions

1. Tangna Cave汤纳溶洞

Bamei Village is surrounded by mountains and is not accessible by road. Bamei village mainly relies on two natural limestone karst caves to get in and out the village, one is behind the village, one is in the front of the village. The villagers have to touch the rock faces and take the bamboo raft, canoe or boat to pass through a water cave which is several kilometers long. This water cave is called Tangna Karst Cave.

2. Bamei Village坝美村

Bamei village of Bamei Town, Guangnan County is surrounded by mountains. Because of its unique karst landforms, caves, rivers and villages, people in and out of the village must sail through the cave. The land in front of the village is flat and open and behind the house there are green bamboos, which are similar to the Jin Dynasty litterateur Tao Yuanming陶渊明 described the Peach Blossom Spring桃花源, so it is called “The Last Xanadu”. People at Bamei village are dominated by Zhuang people.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit is in the early spring, when the river valley is full of peach blossom and rapeseed flowers, which is the real pastoral scenery. There are four attractions including Houpayan猴爬岩, peach blossom valley桃花谷, Taoyuan cave桃源洞 and Tangna cave汤纳洞(Taoyuan cave and Tangna cave are for entrance and exit).

How to Get There

You have two ways to get to Bamei Village of Guangnan County, Wenshan.

1. By Long-distance Bus

Long-distance route is Kunming-Wenshan-Guangnan-Bamei, you need to transfer three times. After arriving in Guangnan County, you can directly take the No. 3 tour bus to Bamei, about 1-1.5 hours.

Kunming East Bus Station-Wenshan Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 7:20-20:10

Price: 126 or 117 or 140 CNY

Distance: 317 kilometers

Consume Time: 4-4.5 hours

Wenshan Bus Terminal-Guangnan Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 6:20-17:40

Price: 47 CNY

Distance: 178 kilometers

Consume Time: 2.5-3 hours

2. By Railway

Now, train is more convenient and faster than long-distance bus from Kunming to Bamei. After arriving in Guangnan county, you can take the shuttle bus to Bamei.

Kunming Station-Guangnan County Station

Departure Time: 10:36, 12:00, 12:19, 13:35, 13:52, 17:12

Price: 119.5 CNY

Distance: 424 kilometers

Consume Time: About 2.5 hours

Kunming South Station-Guangnan County Station

Departure Time: 7:30-17:40

Price: 109 CNY

Distance: 417 kilometers

Consume Time: About 2 hours

Accommodation at Bamei Village

If you want to enjoy the journey, it is recommended to return to Guangnan County for overnight. If you want to experience farmhouse life, you can choose to stay at Bamei. There are many guesthouse at Bamei village.

1. Guangnan TeAnNa Hotel广南特安呐酒店

Address: No.255, Beining Road, Guangnan County, Wenshan文山壮族苗族自治州广南县北宁路255号

Tel: 0876-5151299

Starting Price: 260 CNY

2. Di Bei Gui Yuan Boutique Hotel广南坝美帝贝归园特色大酒店

Address: No.103, Bamei Scenic Area, Guangnan County, Wenshan文山壮族苗族自治州广南县坝美景区内103号

Tel: 0876-5956588

Starting Price: 420 CNY

3. Bamei Da Rong Shu Xia Farmhouse广南坝美大榕树下农家乐

Address: Bamei Scenic Area, Guangnan County, Wenshan文山壮族苗族自治州广南县景区内

Tel: 15969065768

Starting Price: 118 CNY

Useful Travel Tips

Giant Banyan Tree of Bamei Village in Guangnan County, Wenshan

1. Zhuang People live there. So you are supposed to learn some culture and custom of Zhuang minority in advance, respect Zhuang minority culture.

2. In highland area, temperature difference is large between daytime and night, you must bring sun cream, sunhat, sun glasses, umbrella, coats and some medicines that protect from heatstroke.

Tours Including Bamei Village

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