Xinhua Silver Village in Heqing County, Dali

Xinhua Silver Village in Heqing County

Xinhua Village of Caohai Town is a typical Bai village and a cultural tourism area on the origin village. Xinhua Village enjoys the charming landscape, large area of wetland and the crystal well. It is the unique scenery of highland. Xinhua Village enjoys the long history of silver art and handicrafts. Xinhua Village was called as the Home of Silver. It was entitled as the national 4A scenic spot by national tourism department in 2009 and put in the list of the Chinese traditional villages.

Why is Xinhua Village of Caohai Town so special?

Xinhua Village enjoys the long history of over 1000 years. The locals began to make the silver handicrafts since Nanzhao Kingdom.

In 2001, it was entitled as the Hometown of Chinese Folk Art and the Chinese Folk Culture Village.
In 2006, Xinhua Village won the title of “Top Ten Famous Towns in Yunnan”.
In 2009, it was entitled as the national 4A scenic spot by national tourism department.

Where is Xinhua Village?

With altitude of 2000 meters. Xinhua Village is located at the foot of Fenghuang Mountain, 5 km north of Heqing County, Dali of Yunnan Province. It is the important part of the visiting route of Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-La.

510 km from Kunming City
128 km from Dali Ancient Town
39 km from Lijiang City
12 km from Lijiang Airport


Xinhua Village is an ancient village with “small hammer knocking for a thousand years”. Xinhua Village has a long history of ethnic handicraft processing. According to records, in the Nanzhao period of the Tang Dynasty more than a thousand years ago, the Xinhua people used the handicrafts such as silver and bronze to make a living, and passed on the handicrafts in the form of family transmission.

While inheriting the craftsmanship, Xinhua people continue to absorb the cultures of the surrounding ethnic groups and formed a variety of silverware crafts with exquisite skills and exquisite patterns. These handicrafts offer a high cultural value and collection value. More than 10 craftsmen represented by Mu Binglin and Dong Zhonghao were awarded the title of “Master of Folk Crafts” by UNESCO and the Ministry of Culture and Industry. Therefore, Xinhua Village has also been recognized as a “civil craft master village”. The silver handicrafts of Xinhua Village maintain the most primitive methods. They carry on the family workshops and passed down from generation to generation.

What to See

Xinhua Village is a paradise where the migratory birds inhabit and also rich in groundwater resources. The pools, lakes and springs are scattered all over the place. The Qingshui River, Wulong River and Qinshui River are intertwined and form the water system network. Every family has a spring, forming the unique plateau water town scenery in Xinhua Village. Xinhua Village has a unique plateau grassland wetland with an area of more than 10,000 mu. Every winter, nearly 10,000 migratory birds spend the winter here. According to statistics, there are 514 rare plants in the Caohai Wetland of Xinhua Village and 53 species of endangered and protected animals in the country. The Caohai Wetland has beautiful scenery and charming scenery. It has the charm of the southern country and the rural scenery.

Xinhua Village is a “treasure house of Bai culture”. Xinhua Village has a long history and splendid culture. Xinhua Village also has rich Bai customs and colorful culture. There are many ethnic festival, arts and culture festival, and lotus flowers etc. Xinhua Village can show you both the charming scenery and colorful ethnic culture.

Useful Travel Tips

If you visit the Xinhua Village, you can discover the silver and handicrafts culture of Xinhua deeply. 

Please respect the local ethnic custom and belief.