West Pagoda in Kunming


West Pagoda, also known as Huiguang Temple Pagoda, stands on the west side of Dongsi Street. It has a history of more than 1100 years. In the plum blossom and smoke rain in February, the double-tower smoke rain became one of the eight sights of Kunming in Ming and Qing dynasties.

The Culture of West Pagoda

As one of the symbols of culture, the West Temple Pagoda is not only a pagoda but also a nocturnal beacon of directions. Brilliant like a row of places, ring down the earth, bell-duo heard in all the fields. The four come to the green chicken, the golden horse, the awfulness and the first pleasure. ” In ancient times, the West Temple Tower was used as a beacon to guide travelers in the direction of traveling at night, bringing endless excitement to tired pedestrians and becoming a major scenic spot in Kunming. The bright lights and the crisp bell seemed to tell the endless joys and sorrows and distant stories of the world.

The Construction of West Pagoda

West Pagoda in Kunming

West Pagoda is 13-level square dense eaves hollow brick tower, about 40.5 meters high. Founded in the Tang Dynasty, Taihe three years (829 years), took 30 years to complete. 1984 repair found the Nanzhao inscription “Apocalypse decade” (859) brick carving. Also proved that the Central Plains brick burning technology, Nanzhao has been introduced to Kunming.

Nearby Attractions

Camellia Garden

East Pagoda in November 1997 to build a camellia garden, completed in May 1998, the project investment of 3.33 million yuan. East Temple Tower Tea Garden site, 4685 square meters, divided into two parts, the west side along Shulin Street open to the public 1692 square meters, the eastern city party committee organ foreign affairs area of 2999 square meters, tea garden east and west between the pavilion, corridor, landscape wall separation, Form a connected, relatively independent green space.

East Pagoda

East Pagoda is located in Shulin Street, Kunming City. It is the ancient pagoda of Nanzhao period. East Pagoda is 40.57 meters high, which also is one of the earliest ancient pagodas in Kunming with four bronze fur birds on the top of the tower, commonly known as the Golden Rooster, so it is also known as the Golden Rooster Tower.

How to Get there?

By Bus

Tourists can take Bus No.137, 152, Z 72 and get off at East Pagoda Station, and then walk for 3 minutes to West Pagoda.

By Taxi

It takes tourists about 10 minutes to get to West Pagoda from downtown of Kunming.