Yila Prairie in Shangri La, Diqing

Why is Yila Prairie So Special?

With a total area of 13 square kilometers, Yila Prairie is the largest and most beautiful grassland in Diqing Shangri-La. It got the name because of the sacred mountain in the north of the prairie. Yila Prairie (yila caoyuan) is the best place to experience the life of Tibetan herdsmen in Yunnan. In summer and autumn, numerous little flowers bloom where while flocks of cattle and sheep graze on the grass.

Where is Yila Prairie – Location

It is 6 kilometers northwest of Shangri-la city, a part of Napahai Lake, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan.

Natural Conditions

Napa Lake is a seasonal lake and Yila prairie is a part of the Napa Lake. A year to the summer, in addition to four hills after the snow melted into the Napa Lake, with Qu River, Naizi River and other rivers also injected more than 10, formed a vast ocean. In the dry season, the lake gradually recedes, Napa Lake became endless green grass up or wetlands, shepherds grazing are the golden season. September each year, a waterfowl Napa Lake world, Bar-headed Goose, duck, black-necked cranes and other rare bird flew here from afar have winter, with a focus on national animal protection one of the black-necked cranes is particularly valuable. It is the world in 12 Cranes a precious, beautiful body grace, and the number of scarce.

How to Get there

You can take a bus from Shangrila directly to Yila Prairie. The drive takes about half an hour. A bus is available every one hour.

Travel Tips

 There are horses available for rental which will take you around with different prices for various routes.

► Tourists can take some photos in Tibetan clothes at a local Tibetan house.

If you just want to see the grassland scenery, you can see the whole scenery of Yila grassland at the top of the roadside of national highway 214.