Yinruilin International Hotel in The Stone Forest, Kunming

Yinruilin International Hotel in Shilin(银瑞林大酒店) is a quasi-five-star hotel located inside of the Stone Forest scenery. By staying in Yinruilin International Hotel, you can get an easy access to the Stone Forest scenery as well as all other city transfer service.It offers all kinds rooms to guests’ requirement from twins rooms to presidential suites, you always can get the right one for you and your family. Besides the expense of staying with Yinruilin International Hotel is only reasonable, discount can be made if you make early resarvations.

Address: No.06 Ruilin Road Shilin Country,Kunming Yunnan (Close to the Stone Forest)  Contact No.18083837512



The Location of Yinruilin International Hotel in The Stone Forest