Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Kunming City

The Green Garden Vegetarian Restaurant (General/North)//百合天心 (北市区)
No meat, no egg, no milk, no spice, no MSG, no additive
Business hour: 11:00-21:00
Size: 96 seats, two compartments that can serve 10 people each
Feature: Buffet at the first floor and delicate vegetarian dishes at the second floor
ADDRESS:121 Meijing Xincheng, Kunming/昆明北市区美璟欣城121号商铺
Tel: 0871-6839 1324, 158 8714 3396
Public bus No. 61, K1, 79, stop at Linyun Road

The Green Garden (Cuiyuan)/百合天心 (翠园)
ADDRESS:A27 Banzhu Cuiyuan, Kunming/昆明版筑翠园A27号
MOBILE: 13888530628

The Green Garden – Vegetarian Restaurant/百合天心
ADDRESS:15 Daguan Jie, Kunming/昆明大观街15号

The Green Garden Vegetarian Restaurant (Kundu Outlet)/百合天心
No meat, no egg, no milk, no spice, no MSG, no additive
Business hour: 11:00-21:00
Size: 92 seats, two compartments that can serve 10 people each
Feature: Kunming local snacks such as Malatang hotpot, assorted rice noodle, rice noodle with tofu pudding, vegetarian spring rolls, steamed stuffed bun, taro rolls, and fried Erkuai rice cake. For cooking materials, the restaurant gives priority to ecological food like the rice. 
Add: 125 Xinwen Rd
Tel: 0871-6536 3897, 153 6820 7243
Public bus No. 141, 90, 127, 64, 97,22, stop at Xinwen Road Crossing

The Green Garden Vegetarian Restaurant (Bingjiang Outlet)
No meat, no egg, no milk, no spice, no MSG, no additive
Business hour: 08:30-22:00
Size: 48 seats
Feature: the first floor serves excellent nutritious vegetarian hotpot using ecological and wild veggies, while the second floor is set with a backdrop of cultural ambience with quite a few books on Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and Buddhist utensils. 
Add: 203, Building 2, Bingjiangjunyuan Residential Quarter (near the road crossing of Baiyun Rd and Wanhua Rd)
Tel: 0871-6513 8010
Public bus No. 10, 55, 96, 105, 114, 146, stop at Wanhua Road Crossing

Sino-Agriculture Vegetarian Restaurant
No meat, no egg, no milk, no spice, no MSG, no additive, low oil, low sugar
Business hour: 09:00-20:00
Size: 130 seats and 2 compartments
Feature: all of the vegetables in this restaurant are supplied by the ecological plantation located in Dianwei which is the protected area of water source. All of the trendy vegetarian “meat” dishes are made from soybean protein, taro and mushrooms etc. 
Add: 2/F, Xingjie Building, 158 Wuyi Rd
Tel: 0871-6363 2288-1
Public bud No. 95, 120, stop at Yunnan Provincial Herbalist Hospital, No. 84, 10, 98, 66, 26, 82,5, stop at Yunnan Artistic House then walk about 300 metres.

Aoma Vegetarian Restaurant
Business hour: 11:00-23:00
Feature: the cooking materials are ecological and wild veggies; Chinese and Western hotpots are both available.
Add: 20, Chuncheng Rd
Tel: 0871-6310 8169
Public bus No. 1, 62, stop at Green Land Hotel

Ruru Vegetarian Restaurant
No meat, no egg, no milk, no spice, no MSG, no additive
Business hour: 09:30-14:00 17:00-21:00
Feature:it serves over 20 courses of vegetarian dishes. For dinner, you can enjoy the buffet, a la carte or hotpot. The mushroom-stuffed bun, dumpling and bean jelly in this restaurant are very nice.
Add: 31, Hepingnan Rd, Hepingcun (near Kunming China International Travel Service)
Tel: 0871-6318 5234
Public bus No. 98, 111, stop at Beijing Road Crossing (South Ring Rd); 26, 52, 57, 67, A2, 162, stop at Hepingxincun (South Rind Rd); 2, 23, 47, 83, 236, stop at Hepingxincun (Beijing Road)

Suzhiyuan Vegetarian Restaurant
No meat, no egg, no milk, no spice, no MSG, no additive
Business hour: 10:30-14:00 16:30-21:00
Size: 150 seats and 8 compartments
Feature: Yunnan-flovour rice noodle with tofu pudding, vegetarian bean vermicelli, mushrooms, and sesame-scented fillets etc. 
Add: 18 Yunrui East Rd (near Jingxing Market)
Tel: 158 0882 5996
Public bus No. 1, 2, 54, 56, 61, 69, 119, 125, K2, stop at Confucian Temple or Wuyi Road

SuXinSu Vegetarian Restaurant
No egg, no meat, no spice
Business hour: 11:00-14:00 17:00-21:00
Size: 74 seats and 3 compartments
Feature: Ecological food; wild mushrooms from Wutai Mt, wild ginseng fruits from Tibet, jujube from Xinjiang, wild mushroom from Yunnan, and fresh homemade cooking oil.
Add: 9-10, section C, pedestrian street, Beichen Residential Quarter.
Tel: 0871-6572 4222
Public bus No. 25, 67, stop at Beichenzhong Road

DengHuoLanShan Vegetarian Restaurant
No egg, no meat, no additive
Business hour: 09:30-21:00
Feature: exquisite vegetarian delicacies with an ambience of reading, tea tasting and Buddhism. You need to reserve a day in advance.
Add: 101, Building 4, Hanyuan Section, Jinjiang Residential Quarter (gate No.4), Beijing Rd
Tel: 153 6809 9037
Public bus No. 23, 25, 79, 96, K1, stop at Linyuqiao

Tai Tian Zhen Vegetarian Restaurant
No meat, no egg, No alcohol, no smoking, no MSG, no spice 
Business hour: 11:30-21:00
Size: 120 seats and 2 compartments
Feature: the environment is refreshing because nearly a thousand potted plants are arranged in the restaurant, and all the dishes served are cooked remaining primitive to the largest degree.
Add: Kunming Xiongda Tea Market
Tel: 0871-6512 9920
Public bus No. 23, 25, 96, K1, stop at Jinxing Overpass

Abu & Jeans Family
No SMG, no additive
Business hour: 10:00-22:00, only open on Saturday and Sunday, reservation one day in advance. 
Size: 20 seats
Add: 605 Building 1, Xingchenyuan, South Asia Top City
Tel: 0871-6461 9261, 158 1214 6867
Public bus No. 91,120, A1, 44, 73, 106, 152, 166, 210, 233, K15, Z4, stop at Fuhai

Fudelin Vegetarian Culture Club
Business hour: 11:30-14:00 17:30-20:00
Size: 100 seats
Feature: It is a trendy vegetarian restaurant, serving set dishes separately according to different diets. 
Add: 1/F, Building B2, Guangfu residential Quarter
Tel: 0871-6311 5960, 158 2525 3011
Public bus No.181, K15, 165, 24, 78, 161, stop at Taijiahu; 3, 127, A2, 120, 63, 99, 122, 166, 172, 197, 229, stop at Qianxing Bus Hub, then transfer 196 to Guangfu Residential Quarter.

The Bamboo Temple Vegetarian Restaurant
This small restaurant is located inside the Bamboo Temple, serving authentic vegetarian dishes such as spring rolls. If visitors like to a vegetarian meal after visiting the temple, eating in it is a great enjoyment. 
Add: Bamboo Temple
Tel: 0871-6818 1881
Public bus No C63, stop at Bamboo Temple

Subingfang Vegetarian Pastries Shop
No meat, no egg, no milk, no spice, no MSG, no additive
Feature: this pastry shop has assorted vegetarian pastries, bread and non-sugar cakes
Add: 86, Luofeng St (near Yuantong Temple)
Tel: 137 5947 4646
Public bus No. 125, 187, stop at Luofeng Street

Juexiyuan Western Hills Vegetarian Restaurant/觉西园西山小院素食餐厅
ADDRESS: Huayuan Xiang (South end), Huayuan Lu, Xishan Dist., Kunming (昆明西山区怡芳苑小区-华苑巷南)
PHONE:(0871) 68103997

The Vegetarian Garden/闻蔬苑
ADDRESS:Wanhua Lu, shop 101 building 712 Jinxiyuan , Kunming/昆明万华路金禧园712幢101商铺
PHONE:(0871) 65741181

Suke Vegetarian Restaurant/素客素食餐厅
ADDRESS:418 Qingnian Lu, Golden Eagle Shopping Mall, building B, 6th floor, Kunming/昆明青年路418号金鹰购物中心B座6层
PHONE:(0871) 63165418

Huilanxin Vegetarian Restaurant/蕙蘭心
ADDRESS:183 Wujing Lu, Baifuqi building, shop 1901, Kunming/昆明吴井路183号百富琪(吴井路与春城路交叉口)A座1901室
PHONE:(0871) 63561550

Aranyakah Cottage Vegetarian Restaurant/兰若草堂素食馆
ADDRESS:Inside Bajiang Riverside Park, near Shui’an Xingcheng, Shilin Yi Autonomous County, Kunming/昆明石林彝族自治县巴江河滨公园内靠近水岸星城
PHONE:(0871) 67716662

Sujixiang Vegetarian Restaurant/素吉祥
ADDRESS:50 Qingyun Jie, second floor, Kunming/昆明翠湖青云街50号2楼
HAPPY HOUR:11:30am-1:30pm 5:30-8pm

Zhongnong Jiankang Jiayuan Vegetarian Restaurant/中农健康家园素食餐厅
ADDRESS:158 Wuyi Lu, 2nd floor, Kunming/昆明五一路158号二楼
PHONE:(0871) 63632288

ADDRESS:Beichen Garden Walkway C-9/10, Kunming/昆明北辰中路商业步行街C段9-10号
PHONE:(0871) 5724222

As You Like/有佳面包店
ADDRESS:5 Tianjundian Xiang, Wenlin Jie, Kunming/昆明文林街天君殿巷5号
PHONE:(0871) 65411715

ADDRESS:12 Cuihu Bei Lu, Kunming/昆明翠湖北路12号
PHONE:(0871) 5316088

Xianghaiyue Vegetarian Restaurant/香海月
ADDRESS:3/F Binjiang Mansion, Kunming/昆明青年路延长线滨江大厦住宅楼三楼

ADDRESS:24 Yuantong Jie (east of Yuantong Temple), Kunming、昆明圆通街24号(圆通寺旁)
PHONE:(0871) 5111809,5134317