Jade Belt Cloud Wandering Road of Cangshan Mountain in Dali

Yudai Yunyou Road of Cangshan (Jade Belt Cloud Wandering Road )

Taking the cableway to Zhonghe Temple, you can see a bluestone road running behind the Zhonghe Temple. Yudai Yunyou Road(玉带云游路), also called Yudai Road, is a sightseeing path of Cangshan, like a jade belt winding the Cangshan Mountain. Yudai Road starts from Taoxi Steam(桃溪) to Qingbi Stream(清碧溪), 16 km long. Travelers can overview the landscape of Erhai Lake and Dali City.

How to get to Yudai Road?

  1. Walk from the west of Tianlongbabu Film Studio(天龙八部影视城). It takes you about 1 hour to Yudai Road, near Fengyan Cave.
  2. Take the Gantong Cableway to Qingbi Stream.
  3. Take Cangshan Cableway and get off in middle station.

Travelers can chose the second way to Yudai Road. It takes less time than first way and less money than the third way.

Main Attractions

Yudai Yunyou Road or Jade Delt Cloud Wandering Road of Cangshan Mountain in Dali

Yudai Yunyou Road is the best road for you to discover Cangshan Mountain deeply. Yudai Road is designed for the hikers. Hiking can give you more charming landscape of deep Cangshan Mountain. The main attractions on the Yudai Road are Qingbi Stream(清碧溪), Qilongnv Pond(七龙女池), Fengyan Cave(凤眼洞), Zhonghe Temple(中和寺), Biyu Pool(碧玉潭) and Huanglong Cave(黄龙洞).

Useful Travel Tips

Hiking along the Yudai Road, there is no need to take much food and water since you can buy on the Yudai Road. There is Gantong Teahouse near Qingbi Stream offering the basic food. Zhonghe Temple also offers the vegetarian food for travelers.

Nearby Attractions

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