Dali International Orchid and Camellia Fair

Chinese Name:大理国际茶花兰花博览会
English Name: Dali International Orchid and Camellia Fair

Dali(大理) International Orchid and Camellia Fair is held by the people’s government of Dali Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province. It aims at taking advantage of the flower resource of Dali plateau and improve Dali’s position as the resource center, production center and market distribution center of Yunnan orchid and camellia. The fair is held at the end of January and the beginning of February every year since the first session in 2008. Dali has been known as the capital of flower since ancient time with a tradition called ”running water and keeping flowers in every house”. “Chinese orchids are in Yunnan, Yunnan orchids are in Dali” and orchids and camellia have been widely cultivated as early as the period of Nanzhao(南诏) and Dali in Tang(唐) and Song(宋) dynasties. The main contents of fair include the exhibition and sale of characteristic flowers such as orchid and camellia at home and abroad, the award of high-quality orchid and camellia, bulk order transaction, etc. The fair has become the largest annual professional exhibition of orchid and camellia in China.

Camellia, Orchid, Fragrant Dali

It is understood that since the first Dali International Orchid and Camellia Fair was held by Dali prefecture committee and people’s government in 2008, it has been successfully held for 11consecutive times. “Two Fairs”(“两博会”) has become an important festival activity and a famous exhibition brand in Dali. Dali’s characteristic flower industry has also made great progress and development.

Dali International Orchid and Camellia Fair takes “The capital of flowers for all year, the happy life of people in Dali”(“四季花都幸福大理”) as its theme, and “ holding fair thriftly, benefiting the people and boosting the industry” (“勤俭办会,惠及百姓、助推产业”) as its tenet, it uses flowers as the media to advertise Dali, popularize Dali, promote foreign investment and the development of flower, culture and tourism.

There are the high-quality potted plants of camellia, new camellia, bonsai of flowers, bonsai of rhododendron, bonsai of luohansong, etc. in the exhibition area of camellia that located in Cangshan(苍山) botanical garden of Dali. The comprehensive exhibition area of camellia and bonsai is 1200 square meters in total. There are 80 exhibitors from Lincang(临沧), Chuxiong(楚雄), Baoshan(保山), Kunming(昆明), Lijiang(丽江) and other prefectures in the free trade zone, and nearly 100000 pots of camellia potted flowers and plants potted landscape are exhibited. The camellia exhibiting area also has a special flower processing commodity trading area.

There are eight categories of awards in the exhibition include the award of delicate camellia, the award of new variety, the award of cultivation, the award of Luohansong bonsai, the award of rhododendron bonsai, the award of other ornamental plant bonsai and the award of excellent exhibition.

Translated by Nian Xinwei/念欣伟