Yunnan coffee taste

Unique Yunnan Flavor Profile

We’ve heard industry professionals liken Yunnan coffee to a Columbian washed coffee; however, we are consistently seeing a fragrance profile in the coffee that is unique to Yunnan: 

  • black tea
  • baker’s chocolote
  • fragrant spices
  • dried cherries
  • soft nutiness

A Taste For Sweeter Roasts

But as the Chinese thirst for coffee grows, what kinds of drinks are people opting for?

 There is a generational difference. Older consumers tend to prefer low-acid coffees with bigger bodies, such as a Sumatra Mandheling. Younger consumers with exposure to third wave roasters, on the other hand, may enjoy lighter roasts with their generally more acidic profile.

Chinese consumers often prefer sweet and clean coffees, for now. “Current preferences will certainly shift as domestic specialty coffee shops or commercial chains open and consumers’ knowledge continues to grow.”

Moreover, Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese specialty coffee cultures also influence the Chinese coffee industry.  “Top USA brands like Blue Bottle, Intelligencia, etc. 

As a result of this, for example, “many specialty roasters still pick out most or all post-roast defects by hand to ensure cleaner cups (unheard of when contrasted with many USA roasters).”