Top 10 Lincang Tourist Attractions and Things To Do Rated on TripAdvisor

Enjoying the reputation of “the big natural greenhouse” and cradle of the Wa people, the city of Lincang lies in the southwest of Yunnan. Lincang, so named because of the Lancang River that flows nearby, has a land area of 24, 469 square kilometers. Proud of its gorgeous landscape, lovely climate, colorful cultures and customs of multiple nationalities, Lincang has become a very hot tourist destination in recent year and a most preferred city for studying the folk customs of the Wa people. Next, I will tell you the the top 10  Lincang tourist attractions and to-do items selected by TripAdvisor.

1. Wengding Wa Ethnic Village

Ongding, which means “a place where clouds twine”, is an ordinary village in the central and western part of Cangyuan County. All of them are Wa people. Ongding has built a village for nearly 400 years. The village was first built for the young clan, so the position of the village leader was inherited by the young clan.

2. Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve

Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve is also known for its gorgeous landscape. Numerous rivers flow through the pretty peaks forest which gives rise to the favo rable local natural conditions: mild climate, rich rainfall and fertilized soil. A large variety of plants and wild lives live in this Shangri-La which is often quoted as the “Plants Kingdom” or “Animal Kingdom” of Yunnan.

3. Cangyuan Cliff Paintings

Cangyuan Cliff Paintings include the images of animals, architectures, trees, boats, heavenly bodies like the sun or the moon, mountains and many abstract symbols etc. Apart from artistic meanings and value, many important life activities of these human ancestors such as hunting, dancing, recreation and sacrifice rituals and suchlike are vividly displayed and recorded, which seems to bring the viewers back to those mysterious and remote prehistoric ages.

4.The Cloud Sea Wonders of Awa Mountain

In the southwest border areas of China, a mysterious Wa nationality live in the depths of the beautiful Awa Mountain, mainly located in the Pu’er and Lincang Cities. Primitive villages scatter all over the rolling hills and Wa people still preserve their old customs and cultures. This seems like an ideal world with beautiful scenery and tranquil environment. Fascinated by the Sea Cloud, the original Wengding Village, the Heavenly Lake and the Cliff Mural in Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County, a great many tourists come here every year.

5. Guangyun Burmese Temple

Guangyun Burmese Temple is one of the most influential temples that have influence on Theravada Buddhism among southwestern ethnic groups of Yunnan. It is a Theravada Buddhism building that located in the north of Mengdong town in Canyuan county, which is built in Qing dynasty, and also called “Xuetang Burmese Temple”.Its constructing style was influenced mostly by Han people; meanwhile, it maintained the basic style of Theravada temples. It is a combination of external style of Han buildings and internal decoration style in courtyard of Dai people, such a unique construction style it is!

6. Canglongdong Cave

Canglong Cave is the hiding place of Prince Dragon, located in Cangyuan County, Yunnan Province, China. It’s located in the Yungui Plateau, is a cave. At present, it is in the initial stage of development and has now invested nearly 1 million yuan. It takes about 150m from the entrance of the hole to reach the fork entrance of the scenic spot. The right hole has now been developed more than 600m, and the left hole has been developed more than 800m.

7. Ximen Park, Linchuang

Lincang Ximen Park is located in Fengxiang Town, Lincang County. The park is full of green trees and picturesque scenery. Ximen Park is the only city park in lincang. It was built and opened in 1990. The park is a perfect place for Lincang people to have leisure, fitness and entertainment on weekends and in their leisure time.

8. Sigangli Cave

Sigangli Cave in Cangyuan is 3 km from Menglai Village of Cangyuan County. Geological evolvement for numerous years forms plenty of hall in the hole, stalagmites in the hall, stalagnate in different poses and with different expressions, and rich spectacle combination. Some of them seem petty monkey playing around, lion squatting, tiger looking for food etc. Especially, there is a stalagnate, about 20 m high, 1.6 m root thick, standing upright between heaven and land.

9. Dalangba Forest Park

The Dalangba Forest Eco-tourism Area is the Yunnan Provincial Forest Park. he 105, 000 mu artificial Huashan pine and virgin forest are surrounded by five reservoirs, forming a unique resource landscape integrating mountain, water and forest. It has high ornamental value and scientific research value, pleasant climate and evergreen season, as an ideal destination for sightseeing, summer vacations and rest and recuperation.

10. Menglai Caryota Urens Forest

Caryota urens is a kind of valuable, ornamental plants protected by Chinese government. Caryota urens is a species of flowering plant in the palm family from the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia and China where they grow in fields and rainforest clearings. The Caryota urens grows in the valley in a large scale, its leaves are rustling in the wind. The large area of the Caryota urens is an unique picturesque scenery in Yahua Valley.

These are the top 10 Lincang tourist attractions and to-do items selected by TripAdvisor. If you want to know more about other Lincang tourist attractions, you can inquire on the website or consult relevant staff.