Baoshan Coffee Planting and Production

Significance of Baoshan Coffee

Many people don’t know that Baoshan in Yunnan is the coffee land of China. It started to grow coffee on a large scale as early as 1952. It has a history of more than 60 years. In addition, Baoshan is also the first area in China to produce civet coffee, which is very famous.

Yunnan Baoshan is located on a low-latitude plateau. Due to its special geographical location, it has formed a three-dimensional climate of “one mountain is divided into four seasons and ten miles different days”, and this climate is very suitable for coffee cultivation. It can be said that the coffee grown at the highest altitude here is comparable to Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

Baoshan Coffee Planting and Production

Beginning of Baoshan Coffee Planting and Production

Since the large-scale cultivation of coffee in 1952, the planting of coffee in Baoshan has continued for more than 60 years.Due to Baoshan’s excellent natural environment, climate, water and other natural advantages, the arabica coffee produced by Baoshan tastes “strong but not bitter, fragrant but not strong, and slightly acidic”. It is the top grade in coffee domestically and globally.

However, due to the backward technology of Baoshan coffee processing industry for a long time, the arabica coffee was at a great disadvantage. The renown “Baoshan Arabica Coffee” was protected by the National Geographical Indication Product in 2010.Unfortunately, high-quality coffee is rarely tasted by farmers who have been planted for decades, and sales have always been based on the supply of raw materials.

Development of  Baoshan Coffee Planting and Production

Fortunately, in recent years, thanks to the joint efforts of party committees and governments at all levels, relevant departments, leading enterprises and farmers, and domestic and foreign markets, Baoshan City has been moving toward “scale, industrialization, standardization, branding, and ecology.”The direction of development is committed to building the coffee industry into a hot zone to increase farmers’ income, rural wealth, and agricultural efficiency.

After years of exploration, the level of Baoshan’s arabica coffee planting technology has been increasing, especially in recent years, coffee companies such as Xinzhai coffee have emerged. At the same time, large and small coffee companies in Baoshan are also taking action. Many local companies have gone to large cities and even abroad to learn about coffee roasting and brewing technology. They have used the company’s technology research and development to improve fermentation, processing and other aspects.

Baoshan Coffee in The Future

In the context of the Internet era, Baoshan Coffee has explored an e-commerce path and is struggling to embark on the journey of “China’s coffee e-commerce capital”.Baoshan’s coffee atmosphere is particularly strong, especially the western Yunnan e-commerce industrial park provides a good development environment and supportive policies for young “maker”. 

In the future, Baoshan will unfold its own charm and ubiquity to China and the world.

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Edited by Ziwei Chen/陈紫薇