Lincang Coffee Planting and Production

Significance of Lincang Coffee

Lincang is located in the golden belt of global coffee planting, with good climatic conditions and ecological environment. It is one of China’s most suitable regions for the development of the coffee industry and one of the world’s high-quality coffee production areas.Rich tropical resources, three-dimensional climate types, large day and night temperature differences, high air humidity, and other unique climatic environments, as well as scientifically improved varieties layout, ecological three-dimensional interplanting models, unique production and processing technologies, have provided Lincang coffee a unique and stable flavors, such as “strong but not bitter, sour but not strong, rich and mellow, and fruity”. And the coffee quality has been fully affirmed by international coffee tasters.

Lincang Coffee Planting and Production

The Beginning of Coffee Planting and Production

In 1996, during the “Ninth Five-Year Plan” period, Lincang organized the development of the coffee industry under the impetus of the “18 Biological Resources Development Project” implemented by the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee and Government.

In 1996, 2,330 acres of coffee were planted.In 1998, the Lincang coffee industry entered its heyday at the end of the 20th century. Lincang held the second “Project 18” working conference, which further set off a wave of good development in the coffee industry.

The enthusiasm of many enterprises and farmers in Lincang to participate in coffee cultivation is generally high. There are 19 units that undertake coffee project carriers, including 9 state-owned enterprises, 6 collective enterprises, and 4 private enterprises. The participating units and departments involve food. , Supply and marketing, township and village enterprises, agriculture, forestry and other departments and farmers have formed a one-stop development model of enterprise-run bases, bases with farmers, and production, supply, and marketing to promote the development of Lincang coffee industry.

The Recession Period of Lincang Coffee

The coffee market is oversupplied and global coffee prices continue to fall. In addition to insufficient investment, many of the coffees that have been planted have abandoned management and even switched to other cash crops such as rubber and sugar cane. The area of coffee has decreased year by year and the development of the coffee industry has declined year by year.

In 2006, the planting area of coffee in Lincang city that was normally and effectively managed was only 4,600 acres, and the output of dried coffee was only about 300 tons.

In May 2007, Dehong Hougu Coffee Co., Ltd. and the local enterprise Lincang Lingfeng Coffee Industry Development Co., Ltd. jointly established Lincang Hougu Coffee Co., Ltd.By 2011, the total planted area at the end was 69,600 mu.

Rise of Lincang Coffee

Nestlé and Starbucks provide free technical consulting services for the industrial development of Lincang coffee.In 2013, Lincang’s coffee industry base was constructed over 180,000 mu, and the coffee planting area has exceeded 400,000 mu. At the same time, strengthen agricultural exchanges and cooperation with Myanmar, and plan to develop 300,000 mu of coffee industry base in the northeast of Myanmar, which borders Lincang.

In 2014, the coffee planting area of Lincang City has reached 550,000 mu, ranking second in Yunnan Province.In the development of the coffee industry, Lincang adheres to standardized planting, scientific management, ecological development, standardized processing, promotion of diversified varieties, planting diversity, and improvement of the construction of a product traceability system. It has stepped out of a fine coffee bean planting and processing industry Way of development.

By 2016, the coffee production area of Lincang City will reach more than 580,000 mu.

As of 2018, the coffee planting area in Lincang has exceeded 600,000 mu!

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Edited by Ziwei Chen/陈紫薇