Bozhu Mountain in Wenshan City

Why is Bozhu Mountain So Special?

Bozhu Mountain is located in the west of Wenshan City, 77 kilometers away from Wenshan City. The highest peak is Shuangru peak双乳峰, which is also the highest peak in the southeast Yunnan. When weather is clear, standing on the top of the mountain, thousand square kilometers of land and rivers under the mountain are all in sight. If the weather is clear at night, you can see the lamplight in Gejiu City个旧市 of Honghe Autonomous Prefecture. There are 22 mountains, 21 ravines, 7 streams and 2 pools, covering an area of 76 square kilometers in the whole scenic area. There are a large number of ancient trees, precious tree, more than 50 kinds of Orchids, colorful azalea and variety of flowers. Main landscapes include high peak and sea of cloud, sunrise on the mountain top, Ruxia Mountain如霞岭, Pearl Slope, cliff waterfalls and so on.

Where is Bozhu(Thin Bamboo) Mountain?

Wenshan Bozhu mountain is 77 kilometers west of Wenshan city, with the highest altitude of 2,991 meters, the highest peak in the southeast Yunnan. The mountain consists of 22 mountain ridges, 21 ravines, 7 streams and 2 pools, with a total area of 76 square kilometers. Bozhu Mountain faces Laojun Mountain老君山 from afar in its southeast; Qingmenkou箐门口 in its west connects with Pingbian County屏边县 of Honghe Prefecture; Getting out of the subtropical rainforest of its north is Baiyizhai摆衣寨(1750 meters above the sea level); Yangyupo杨榆坡 is in its east.

Main Attractions

1. Shuangru Peak双乳峰

The highest peak of Bozhu Mountain is Shuangru Peak双乳峰. Under the peak, there are vast forests and ancient trees, forming three levels of natural vegetation. There are thousand years of ancient trees, precious trees and rare Alcimandra cathcardii长蕊木兰. Colorful azalea trees grow all over the mountain, from spring to autumn, the flowers are unbeaten.

2. Sunrise山中观日出

The sunrise is the second largest landscape of Bozhu mountain. Watching the sunrise on the Bozhu mountain, the landscape is magnificent and strong.

Bozhushan Mountain in Wenshan City

3. Ruxia Mountain如霞岭

Ruxia Mountain如霞岭 is the third largest landscape of Bozhu Mountain, located in the north of Bozhu Mountain. In spring, red azaleas are blooming all over the mountain. White and yellow azaleas, camellias and orchids are scrambling to in full bloom. Ruxia mountain is a world of spring flowers, a wonderful garden, and a place that makes people unforgettable.

4. Red Bayberry Slope杨梅坡

Red Bayberry Slope is the fourth largest landscape of Bozhu(thin bamboo) mountain. It is located at the Baiyizhai village摆衣寨, more than 20 kilometers from the north of the Bozhu mountain. The slope got the name because there are a lot of arbutus trees. 

5. Cliff Waterfall绝壁飞瀑

The cliff waterfall is the fifth largest landscape of Bozhu mountain. Behind Gaojiancao village高笕槽村(surrounded by a cluster of peaks), there is a peak called Huayi peak化乙山, which is 2,612 meters above sea level. Its peak can be seen from a hundred miles away. During rainy season, stream flows down from 200 meters high, magnificent and rare.

Best Time to Visit

Bozhushan Mountain in Wenshan City

The best time to visit Bozhu Mountain is from Spring to Autumn. At that time, you can not merely see more than 50 kinds of Orchids, but also see Azalea.

How to Get There

Transportation in Wenshan City is convenient since Wenshan city is the government seat of Wenshan Autonomous Prefecture. 

1. By Long-distance Bus

There are long-distance buses from Kunming to Wenshan City. And there are tourist buses from Kunming Changshui Airport to any places of Wenshan City.

Kunming East Bus Station-Wenshan Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 7:20-20:10

Price: 117 CNY or 126 CNY

Distance: 317 kilometers

Consume Time: 4-4.5 hours

2. By Train

The train route is Kunming-Puzhehei. When you are there at Puzhehei Railway Station, another 2.5 hours is needed to Bozhu Mountain.

Kunming Railway Station-Puzhehei Railway Station

Departure Time: 10:36-17:42

Price: 85.5 CNY

Distance: 324 kilometers

Consume Time: About 2 hours

3. By Air

It takes about 2 hours from Puzhehei Airport to Bozhu Mountain.

Kunming Changshui Airport-Wenshan Puzhehei Airport

Departure Time: 9:05, 18:45

Consume Time: About 1 hour

Accommodation in Wenshan City

The accommodation in Wenshan is relatively simple, but it can still meets your needs. Here are several hotels in Wenshan.

1. Jingdu Hotel文山锦都酒店

Address: Kaihua North Road, Wenshan City, Wenshan文山州文山市开化北路

Tel: 0876-2199998

Starting Price: 263 CNY

2. Phoenix Jinjiang Hotel凤凰锦江酒店

Address: No.99, Fenghuang Road, Wenshan City, Wenshan文山州文山市凤凰路99号

Tel: 0876-6888777

Starting Price: 338 CNY

3. Dihao Hotel文山帝豪酒店

Address: Jinlong International Trade Center, Xinping Subdistrict, Wenshan City, Wenshan文山州文山市新平街道金龙国际商贸中心

Tel: 0876-8882666

Starting Price: 165 CNY

Useful Travel Tips

Bozhushan Mountain in Wenshan City

1. Wenshan is rainy in summer, you are supposed to bring the rain gear and coats in case of changes in the weather.

2. Ultraviolet ray is strong on sunny days, bring the sun cream, sunglasses and other sunscreen products.

3. Try to avoid going out on rainy days, since mountain area is prone to nature disasters.