Chongsheng Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan

Chinese Name:砚山崇圣清真寺
English Name: Chongsheng Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan
Keywords: Chongsheng Mosque in Yanshan, Muslim architecture, Muslim culture
Location: Located in Pingyuan Town, Yanshan County, Yunnan Province

Built in 1991, Chongsheng Mosque is situated in Pingyuan Town(平远镇), Yanshan County(砚山县), Yunnan Province.

As a result of the reform and opening up policy, people’s living standards gradually improved, moved there part of the Hui nationality who clustered in the streets. Hence it became really necessary for Hui nationality living here to build a new mosque. With the help of the considerable Muslim, they took efforts to raise enough funds to build this mosque from 1988 to 1988.

Here are a total of 350 Muslim, altogether 69 Hui nationality households, among whom are5 imams people, 15 manias, and 10 Muslim charging in the finance problems. The mosque collected 60 copies of the Koran. The Muslim here pilgrimage Haji Ma Baoen(马宝恩), Ma Hongchang couple(马洪昌夫妻), Na Jiankang’s mother(纳建康之母), Ma Pingwen’s mother(马平文之母), Ma Xifen(马锡芬), and Li Wenxue(李文学).

The Location Map of Chongsheng Mosque in Yanshan County, Wenshan