Cangyuan County Attractions

Cangyuan is a remote and mysterious city sitting the border with Myanmar. The minorities take up 93% of the whole population. Wa ethnic groups boast its unique folk culture.

Monihei Carnival: The annual crazy and passionate Monihei Carnival attracts thousands of people all over the world.

Cliff Paintings: You can inspect the mysterious ancient cliff paintings created by the ancestors of the minorities 3000 years ago.

Wengding Village: Wengding Village(翁丁村) is a outstanding tourist sites in Cangyuan, the architecture and customs are well-preserved and unique. You can watch the grand sacrifice ceremony of Cattle-slaughtering and Wood-dragging Drum Dance there.

In addition, Guanyun Buddist Temple (广允佛寺),  Banhong Anti-British Battle Monument (班洪抗英纪念碑), Thousand-meter Picturesque Gallery(千米国画长廊), Wa mountain(阿佤山), Nangun River National Nature Reserve(南滚河国家自然保护区), Sigangli Cave(司岗里溶洞) and  Yonghe Port(永和口岸)are the popular tourist sites in Cangyuan.