Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve in Lincang

Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve

Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve in Lincang

The Wa Mountain of Cangyuan is also known for its gorgeous landscape. Numerous rivers flow through the pretty peaks forest which gives rise to the favorable local natural conditions: mild climate, rich rainfall and fertilized soil. A large variety of plants and wild lives live in this Shangri-La which is often quoted as the “Plants Kingdom” or “Animal Kingdom” of Yunnan. Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve established in 1980, in December 1994 approved as a state-level nature reserve. Area of 7,082 hectares, mainly targeted at the protection of Asian elephants and their habitats of tropical rainforest ecosystems.

Why is Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve so special?

Nangunhe River National Natural Reserve enjoys the rich natural resources, including over 400 species of higher plants and over 100 species of higher animals. It is an national nature reserve.

Where is Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve?

Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve is located in Lincang City. The reserve is a mountainous landscape of the Hengduan Mountains. The highest peak is 2302 meters above sea level, and the valley is 450 meters above sea level. The reserve is located in the upper reaches of the Nangun River.

How to get to Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve?

There are 3 ways to get to Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve
1.Self-driving tour, Lincang airport– G323(old)–G214– Xiaocang Road– Gengcang Road– Gengcang Second-class Highway– Nanli Road– Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve
2.Take the shuttle bus from West Coach Station to Cangyuan bus station (around 25 hours trip)
3.Take the flight from the new Kunming Changshui InternationalAirport to Awa Mountain airport, the we need to charter a local car to Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve


Plant Resources

There are over 400 species of higher plants. The reserve enjoys the vegetation quarter to a tropical rain forest, rainforest, and the monsoon evergreen broad-leaved forest, also many rare species like red vertebral, Manglietia, Ma pillars, Yunnan Gmelina aborea etc. 

Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve in Lincang

 Animal Resources

There are more than 120 species of 55 families in the protected area, including more than 40 species beats of 22 families and more than 80 species of birds. The protected area is rich in economic animals, such as wild boar, red peony, scorpion, parrot, thrush, and sunbird.
The national first-class protected animals include Asian elephant, white-palm gibbons, gray langur, bee-nosed, bengal tiger, bison, leopard, clouded leopard, green peacock and so on.

Endangered Animals

(A) Asian elephant (亚洲象) – at the national level to protect animals 
The most significant feature is a long, can be curved, fleshy nose. Asian elephants live in tropical forests, grasslands, 10 ~ 30 for a group. Here the elephants not only individual is limited in quantity, low population density, age, sex ratio imbalance in the population structure. Plus the small size of protected areas, ecological balance is poor. Therefore, the protected areas elephants are in danger.

(B) White palm gibbons (白掌长臂猿)- at the national level to protect animals

Known locally as a flying monkey, it is one of the four types of human beings. The gibbons of the gibbons camp have little difference between male and female individuals. The plush is black and long, the upper arm is more than 60 cm long, the body is 40 cm long, and the tail is only 0.5 cm. When the gibbon moves forward, it moves with two upper arms clumsily. Gibbon feeds on fruits, shoots, and insects.

Nangunhe River National Nature Reserve can be used as marginal tropical situ conservation of biological diversity points.

Nearby Attractions

Wengding Wa Ethnic Village

Wengding Wa Ethnic Village(翁丁佤寨) is an over 400 year-old Wa ethic village. Wengding means where the clouds are floating since mists often cloak the mountains throughout the year. People who live there have been called“ the last tribe of China’’,it has preserved the typical style of Wa residential architecture and primitive folk customs. Surrounded by lush trees, the village consists of 98 households with over 400 residence Of Wa people. The local elder stated that the woods protect the safety of the village. Inside of village has the best preserved cottages, totem, the woods, Village pillars and worship places, which reflects the splendid history and culture of Wa people. Black is auspicious color of Wa people. The elder, men and women, prefer holding tobacco pipe when they are free.

Cangyuan Cliff Painting

Cangyuan Cliff Painting (沧源岩画), the oldest cliff painting of China, enjoys the history of 3000 years. It is painted with red paint with fingers or feathers. Pigments may be made from animal blood and hematite powder. The cliff paintings mainly describe the hunting activities, production activities and entertainment activities etc. There is also a war triumph, a picture of the bamboo house and the people who hold the weapon and get back with victory. The rough and simple painting is an important material for studying the history of the ancient nationalities of south of China.

Useful Travel Tips

· When travel in the river, if you meet the rise of water level, please do not swim in the river; meanwhile, do not play on the river bank, so as to avoid the precipitate flood.
· Please be careful when you swim in the river. It seems to be peaceful on the surface, but the situation under water is unnoticeable, if you get hurt in the river you are easy to be drowning.
· Please protect the environment of reserve, especially the rare species.