Menglai Grand Canyon in Cangyuan County, Lincang

Chinese Name: 沧源县勐来大峡谷(千米国画长廊)
English Name: Menglai Grand Canyon or Thousand-Meter Gallery

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Location: Canyuan Va Autonomous County
Admission Fee: RMB 30
Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00

About Cangyuan Rock Paintings Valley

Cangyuan rock paintings valley is a natural scenic spot based on rock paintings,taking Va ethnic folk cultures as the core. It is a comprehensive tourist area combined with ethnic culture, folk custom, natural landscape and cultural landscape. It is 78km in length and 600 hectares in acreage. This scenic area is made up of Canglong Valley, Thousand-Meter Gallery, rock painting scenic spot, Mengdong Port, and Yonghe Port.

Thousand-Meter Gallery

 Menglai Grand Canyon is also called Thousand-Meter Gallery, situated at the middle part of the scenic spot. The rock paintings in the area is about 3KM. The cliff is about 80-180 meters high and the highest one is about 280 meters. Some of the cliff surface is ragged like a honeycomb, and some are flat and smooth as if cut by the axe, while some are just like the terraced fields. Due to the erosion of some special materials and the decoration of the climbing plants, the surface the cliff becomes colorful just like a giant rock paintings reflecting the vicissitudes of the nature.

Evaluation of  the Cangyuan Rock Paintings

Menglai Grand Canyon in Cangyuan County, Lincang

Cangyuan rock paintings is an masterpiece left by VA ancestors 3000 years ago, while Thousand-Meter Gallery is a natural landscape created by nature without artificial factors, fully incarnating its magic power. It forms an unique cultural and natural landscape with the rock paintings. However, the locals don’t believe it’s formed naturally so they give the Thousand-Meter Gallery a mysterious tale.

Attraction Transportation: Take the shuttle bus from Lincang City bus station, or you can drive by yourself.
Attraction Travel Tips: · Do not take photos in front of the rock paintings.
                                                  · pay attention to the rough road.

The Location Map of Menglai Grand Canyon in Cangyuan County, Lincang