Yulong County Festivals and Events

About the festivals in Yulong County, besides the traditional festivals of Han People(Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival), there are Sanduo Festival(the official festival of Naxi People), Bangbang Festival, July Festival, Torch Festival, etc.

1. Sanduo Festival

During each eighth February (lunar calendar), the Sanduo Festival is the most grand traditional festival of Naxi people. Sanduo Festival is aimed to pay homage to their protection god: Sanduo. During that day, local Naxi people will hold a carnival accompanied with various festivities include Naxi Ancient Music Performance, sing, dance, horse racing and picnicking. 

2.Bangbang Festival

Bangbang Festival is the traditional festival of Naxi people, which will be held on each January 15 (lunar calendar). During the festival, people carrying horse halters, cages, plow, rake, bucket, hoe and other wooden farm flock to Lijiang Naxi Tribe Autonomous County. This festival themed with trade, flower exhibition, religion and folklore performance and it will be held for three days.

3. July Festival

July Festival is another important festival of Naxi people. It occurs each middle July according to lunar calendar and mainly involves trading of horse or cows. Thus, it is nicknamed as Horse Trade Festival. During this 10-day-long festival, Naxi people will bring their live stocks, herbs and various specialties and throng into Naxi Autonomous County. It is a very good opportunity to have a glimpse of local people’s life.

4.Torch Festival

This is a famous festival of those Yi and Naxi Group living in Lijiang. Originally held on every 25th  to 27th June of Chinese lunar calendar. According to ancient rules, it will last for three nights. This festival was supposed to use fire to protect crops from the destructive insect by fire and people will place a giant torch in the front of their doors. By night, the locals will hold a long and tiny torch in hand, and gather for singing and dancing around a bonfire.The burning torch is regarded as an auspicious sign by Naxi and Yi people.