Hekou County

Hekou County Overview

Chinese Name: 河口县 English IPA: Hekou County Location: the south of Yunan Population (city): 104609 Language: Yunnan Dialect, Yao language Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Hekou Yao Autonomoous County(河口瑶族自治县), Hekou County for short, is an autonomous county under the administration of Honghe Prefecture. It is the only Yao autonomous county in Yunnan. Its county seat is Hekou Town. Hekou County is located in the southern part of Yunnan Province, the southeastern part of Honghe Prefecture, and borders the northern Vietnamese city of Lao Cai. Since the opening-up to the world, Hekou county has vigorously developed port economy and trade, and has established good economic cooperation relations with Lao Cai of Vietnam.

Highlights of Hekou County

1. The Frontier County: It borders Lao Cai of Vietnam. It is an important passage from Yunnan to Vietnam, which is suitable for cross-border tourism.

2. Ethnic Groups: Ethnic minorities in Hekou County make up 61.58% of population. Main ethnic minority groups are Yao, Miao, Yi, Zhuang, Dai, Buyi. It is the only Yao autonomous county in Yunnan Province.

3. Historical Sites: Enjoying the long and profound history and culture, historical sites in Hekou can help you learn more about the past, such as Gushan Paleolithic Site and Site of the Former Custom.

4. Ethnic Culture: Hekou County is the principle habitation of Yao in Yunnan province, Panwang Festival is the grandest festival of Yao ethnic group.

Other Destinations in Hekou County

    Hekou County Attractions

    Hekou County is a national first-class port, an important window for Yunnan opening-up, and one of the most convenient land routes from southwestern China to southeastern Asia. Tourist can start their cross-border tour here. Attractions in Hekou County are the combination of historical sites and natural scenery. Main historical sites include Gushan Paleolithic Site, Site of the Former Custom, Site of the Former Post Office and Site of the Ancient Fort. Main natural scenery, like Huayudong National Forest Park, Gehao Summer Resort and Nanxi River Scenic [...]

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    Hekou County Tours

    Tour packages in Hekou County are often related to two popular destinations in Honghe, Jianshui and Yuanyang. Otherwise, Hekou is a frontier county, bordering Vietnam, you can start your cross-border tour here. And Hekou County is the only Yao autonomous county in Yunnan, Yao people are relatively concentrated. If you are interested in Yao's ethnic group, festivals and custom, come and begin a ethnic minority discovery tour. Other theme tours include hiking tour and photography tour, etc. Yunnan Exploration will [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Climate & When to Go, Hekou County , China Climate & When to Go

    The lowest altitude in Hekou County is 76.4 meters, and the highest altitude is 2354.1 meters. With low latitude, Hekou county enjoys the tropical monsoon climate. Hekou climate is classified as warm and temperate. The summers are more rainfall than the winters in Hekou. Temperature In 2008, the annual temperature is 23℃ on average, It's not much different than the average over the years. The extreme maximum temperature in the year is about 39℃ in July, and extreme minimum temperature is 7.1℃ in [...]

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    Transportation, Hekou County , China Transportation

    Hekou County faces Lao Cai across the river, it is one of the important border trade counties in Yunnan. There are expressway and Yunnan-Vietnam railway connecting Kunming and Hanoi(the capital of Vietnam). Hekou County is 200 kilometers away from Mengzi, 400 kilometers away from Kunming. It is the terminal of Kunhe(Kunming-Hanoi) railway and highway, is the only way of Yunnan-Vietnam railway and the only international railway from Yunnan to southeastern countries. How to Get in & away Hekou County There are two [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Hekou County is the only Yao autonomous county in Yunnan Province. Hekou offers the typical festivals of Yao ethnic group. In addition to Yao, there are other minorities in Hekou, including Miao, Yi and Zhuang. Here below are some ethnic festivals and activities in Hekou. Festivals in Hekou County 1. Panwang Festival(盘王节) Panwang Festival is a great festival for Yao ethnic people to worship their ancestors, Pan Gu, pan Geng and Pan Hu. It has more than 1700 years history. Yao people in [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Hekou County travel tips provide you with some considerations when you are traveling in Hekou. These tips will be helpful for you to prepare a trip. Useful Numbers Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Area code: 0873 Zip Code: 661300 Weather Forecast: 121 Consumer Complaint: 12315 Telephone Number Inquiry: 114 Tourist Complaint: 0873-3727548 Dressing Hekou County is in tropical area, climate is classified as warm and temperate all year round. So heavy clothes is not necessary. In summer, it is hot and humid, you need short sleeve and short pants. You are supposed to protect [...]

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    Useful Maps

    If we go to somewhere new, maps are good support for us. To help you have a better understanding of Hekou County, we provide you different Hekou maps including Hekou region map, Hekou tourist attractions map, Hekou location map, Hekou transportation map, etc, through which you can probably know how to get to Hekou and what to discover there. [...]

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    Hekou County Accommodation

    Since the opening-up to the world, Hekou County has strengthened economic and trade activities with Vietnam. Infrastructure in Hekou has also been developed. Accommodation in Hekou can be easily available with favorable price. We will list some recommended hotels in Hekou. Chinese Name English Name Address Phone Number 河口云岭新河湾酒店 Hekou Yunling Xinhewan Hotel Beishan Service Area, Xinhe Expressway, Hekou Town, Hekou County(新河高速公路北山服务区) 0873-3566666 河口华旭上午大酒店 Huaxu Business Hotel Guangling Street, Hekou Town, Hekou County(河口县河口镇广龄街) 0873-3566999 河口天宝大酒店 Tianbao Hotel Nearby Yuenan Street, No.10, Binhe Avenue, Hekou Town, Hekou County(河口县滨河大道10号近越南街) 0873-8898888 河口金帝商务大酒店 Jindi Business Hotel No.32, Binhe Road, Hekou Town, Hekou County(河口县滨河路32号) 0873-3555555 河口国际公寓 Hekou International Apartment No.2, Renmin [...]

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