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Jianshui County Overview

Chinese Name: 建水县 English IPA: Jianshui County Location: The north bank of the Red River in south Yunnan Province Population (city): 538300 Language: Southwest Mandarin and Local Dialect Zip code: 654300 Tel code: 0873 Time zone: UTC+8

Jianshui is a county under the administration of Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan, China. Located at the north bank of the Red River in south Yunnan Province, Jianshui used to be the political, economic and cultural center of southern Yunnan for a long time. In 1994, it was honored with “National Historic and Cultural City” and “Key Scenic Spot of China”. Jianshui has been a center for Confucian studies for nearly eight hundred years and owns the third largest Confucian temple complex in China. It is also home to several ethnic minorities, including Hani, Yi, Dai, Hui and Miao. Thanks to the fusion of various cultures, Jianshui is a great place to immerse yourself in some of yunnan’s finest cuisine, observe the skills of traditional craftsman, and find some well-preserved architectural gems.


  • Architecture Culture: Jianshui Ancient Town was listed as national historic and cultural city. After 12 centuries of construction, it has preserved more than 50 ancient buildings, which are honored as “the Museum of Ancient Architecture” and “the Museum of Folk Dwelling”. 
  • Jianshui Confucius Culture: Built in Yuan dynasty, Jianshui Confucius temple has more than 700 years history. It is one of the largest Confucius temples in China and the key cultural relic under state protection. Every year, Confucius culture festival is held in Jianshui Confucius Temple.
  • Jianshui Traditional Craft: Taking Jianshui Purple Pottery as the representative. Jianshui purple pottery is the traditional folk craft of Jianshui, which can date back at least Yuan and Ming dynasties. There are many purple pottery stores in Jianshui.
  • Noted Tourist Attractions: In Jianshui, there are popular scenic spots including Jianshui Ancient Town, Jianshui Confucius Temple, Zhu Family Garden, Double Dragon Bridge, Jianshui Swallow Cave, Tuanshan Village, etc. 

Other Destinations in Jianshui County

    Jianshui County Attractions

    Jianshui is renowned as a historic and cultural city in Yunnan even all over the China. Attractions in Jianshui are mainly historical and cultural landscapes, including national heritage conservation units, Nalou Zhangguansi Shu, Jianshui Confucius Temple, Zhilin Temple, Chaoyang Gate Tower and Shuanglong Bridge; And cultural relics protection units in Yunnan Province, Jianshui Examination Hall, Wenbi Pagoda, Garden of Zhu Family, Jianshui Ancient kiln, Tianyuan Bridge and Tuanshan Folk House. More attractions include Jianshui Swallow Cave, Jianshui Ancient Well, Guangci Lake, Jianshui Narrow-gauge Railway [...]

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    Jianshui County Tours

    As a renowned historical and cultural place, Jianshui ancient town becomes an increasingly popular travel destination for tourists from home and abroad. Jianshui tours are usually in relation to Yuanyang Terrace. Our Jianshui tour packages range from short-term local tour to long-planned customized Yunnan tour, and there are various kinds of tourism themes you can choose, including Jianshui ancient architecture Tour, Jianshui photography tour, Jianshui Confucian culture festival tour, Jianshui students education tour, Jianshui ethnic minority discovery tour and so on. [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Climate & When to Go, Jianshui County , China Climate & When to Go

    1. Geography in Jianshui Jianshui County is located in the east of Yunnan Province, geographical coordinate is 23°37′N, 102°50′E. This county has a area of 3940 square kilometers. It borders Kaiyuan City(开远市) in the east, Shiping County(石屏县) in the west, Tonghai County(通海县) in the north and Yuanyang County in the south. Jianshui County is dominated by mountainous area, 89% of the county is mountain. 2. Climate in Jianshui Jianshui County is located in low-latitude area; the Tropical of Cancer runs through the south [...]

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    Transportation, Jianshui County , China Transportation

    As early as the Tang dynasty, Jianshui was the main road of the southern silk road. The national highway 323 runs across the county, and the Mengbao railway passes through the county and connects with the Yunnan-Vietnam railway. Jianshui is located in the south of Yunnan province, the geographical location is moderate, it is 220 kilometers away from Kunming, the provincial capital of Yunnan, 250 kilometers away from the border port, Hekou, and 80 kilometers away from the Mengzi airport, [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Jianshui is an ethnically diverse County where the major ethnic groups are Han, Yi, Hui, Hani, Dai and Miao, etc. The minority groups take up 33% of the total population. Different ethnic groups form diverse festivals and activities in Jianshui during the long-term social practice.   festivals in Jianshui 1. The Torch Festival It is the grandest festival of Yi people. Every year on the 24th day of the 6th lunar month, Yi villages are all to prepare a big feast and have a joyous gathering. At night, villagers light their torches [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Jianshui travel tips provide you some considerations when you are traveling in Jianshui. These tips will be helpful for preparing a trip to Jianshui. Useful Numbers Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Postcode: 654300 Weather Forecast: 121 Weather Report: 12121 Phone Dialing Code: 0873  Consumers' Complaint: 12315 Tourist complaint: 0873-3727548 Notes 1. Dressing The climate in Jianshui is temperate in winter, therefore, heavy clothes is not necessary there. In summer and autumn, you can bring some thin clothes. Because of large temperature difference in winter and spring, a coat is needed to prevent the [...]

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    Useful Maps

    To help you have a better understanding of Jianshui County, we post different Jianshui maps including Jianshui region map, Jianshui tourist attractions map, Jianshui location map and Jianshui transportation map, etc, through which you can know how to get to Jianshui and what to discover there.  [...]

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    Jianshui County Accommodation

    As a tourist destination, finding a favorable hotel to stay in Jianshui County is not a problem as there are a lot of  hotels ranging from luxury hotels to the budget hostels. In this part, we list the following hotels with different price points. We guarantee you a secure and efficient reservation of hotels with the affordable price in Jianshui County. For detailed hotels information, check the hotels as listed. Chinese Name English Name Address Phone Number Rating 建水临安酒店 Linan hotel No.2, Yongzhen Road, Jianshui County(建水县永祯路2号) 0873-3183777 5-star 建水和院酒店 Jianshui Heyuan Hotel No.480, Yongzhen [...]

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