Honghe County

Honghe County Overview

Chinese Name: 红河县 English IPA: Honghe County Location: The Southwest of Honghe Prefecture Population (city): 296500 Language: Yunnan Dialect, Hani Language and Mandarin Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Honghe County(红河县) is a county in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, China. Honghe County is located in the southwest of Honghe Prefecture, the middle reaches of Honghe river. It connects Yuanyang county in the east, Lvchun county in the south, Yuanjiang county and Mojiang County in the west, and faces Shiping county across the Honghe river. It is the joint part of three prefectures and six counties, 285 kilometers away from Kunming and 196 kilometers away from Mengzi City. The county seat is Yisa Town(迤萨镇).

Highlights of Honghe County

1. Ethnic Groups: Honghe County is inhabited by Hani, Yi, Dai and Yao, etc, ethnic minority groups. Ethnic minority people are 94% of the total population.

2. Spectacular Terrace: Honghe County owns its reputation with the largest Hani Rice Terrace in the world, Baohua Samaba Rice Terrace Field(宝华撒玛坝万亩梯田). Baohua Samaba Rice Terrace Field is the only viewing area that can take in ten thousand mu terrace from a point of View.

3. Various Ethnic Culture: There are world-renowned Hani long street banquet; one of the most beautiful villages in China, Dayangjie Village; the first batch of intangible cultural heritage, Hani Multi-voice; the second batch national intangible cultural heritage, Yuezuo Dance; and unique Hani Yiche Culture.

Other Destinations in Honghe County

    Honghe County Attractions

    Honghe County is inhabited by Hani, Yi, Dai and Yao, etc, ethnic minority groups. Ethnic minority people are 94% of the total population. Honghe County has the reputation of “The Hometown of Overseas Chinese, The Hometown of Singing and Dancing, The Hometown of Palm”. It owns its reputation with spectacular Rice Terraces, profound cultural landscape and original traditional ethnic villages. Honghe County attractions include Samaba Rice Terrace Fields(the largest Hani Rice Terrace), Guidong Rice Terraces, Jiayin Rice Terraces, Nimei Rice [...]

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    Honghe County Tours

    Honghe County tours are usually in relation to Jianshui and Yuanyang. There are various minorities, spectacular rice terrace and renowned long street banquet in Honghe County. Therefore, our Honghe County tour packages involve various kinds of tourism themes that you can choose, such as ethnic discovery tour, photography tour, long street banquet tour, Porsche driving experience Tour, etc. Yunnan Exploration will customize a tour package according to your needs. [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Climate & When to Go, Honghe County , China Climate & When to Go

    Honghe county is tropical monsoon climate, with obvious three dimensional climate. There is a saying "one mountain with four seasons, ten miles with different weather". It often appears less rain and droughty in winter and spring, more rain in summer and autumn. Torrential flood happens occasionally. 1. Temperature and Precipitation The annual temperature is 11.2-23.4°C because of three-dimensional climate. The rainfall varies considerably in different areas, low mountain and valley area in the north is 700-900 mm, mountainous area in the south [...]

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    Transportation, Honghe County , China Transportation

    Honghe County is located in the south of Yunnan, the middle reach of Honghe River. Its county seat is Yisa Town, 286 kilometers away from Kunming. In 2016, Honghe county had a total highway length of 1194.071 kilometers, including 76.18 kilometers of provincial road, 454.056 kilometers of county road, 588.771 kilometers of township road and 75.064 kilometers of village road. How to Get in Honghe County You have two ways to get to Honghe county. One is long-distance bus, the other one [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    There are many ethnic minority groups inhabiting in Honghe County. Ethnic minorities, including Hani, Yi, Dai, Yao, Zhuang, Miao and so on, are 94% of its total population, Hani people account for 75%. They created diverse festivals and activities in Honghe County. Festivals of Honghe County 1. YangAna Festival仰阿娜 In every lunar March, after rice transplanting, Yiche people(the oldest Hani branch) will celebrate "March Festival". It is also called "Girl's Festival", and "YangAna" in Hani language. At that day, Yiche people wear ethnic dress, gathering to [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Honghe county travel tips provide you some considerations when you are traveling in Honghe County. These tips will be helpful for you to prepare a tour. Useful Numbers Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Area code: 0873 Zip Code: 654400 Weather Forecast: 121 Consumer Complaint: 12315 Telephone Number Inquiry: 114  Tourist Complaint: 0873-4623433 National Tourist Consultant: 12301 Dressing Honghe County is dominated by Mountain. Temperature difference between daytime and night is great, so if you plan to travel in Honghe County, you are supposed to take two-season clothes to prevent a cold. Especially in winter, [...]

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    Useful Maps

    For going somewhere new, maps could be an important tool that can help you find your destination easier. To help you have a better understanding of Honghe county, some useful Honghe County maps are provided here, including Hani Rice Terraces map of Honghe County, transportation map of Honghe County, tourist attractions map of Honghe County, region map of Honghe County and location map of Honghe County. [...]

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    Honghe County Accommodation

    Honghe County is well-known for its largest rice terrace in the world, Samaba Rice Terrace Field(宝华撒玛坝万亩梯田). More and more tourists come to Honghe County, attracted by its fame. Although accommodation in Honghe County is inadequate, it is developing along with the growing of tourism. In Honghe county, some hotels with favorable price are available. Chinese Name English Name Address Phone number 红河云梯酒店 Yunti Hotel Lianhua Road, Yisa Town, Honghe County迤萨镇莲花路 0873-4622799 康腾. 红河谷帐篷营地 Honghe Valley Tent Camp-style Hotel Shitouzhai Village, Jiayin Township甲寅乡石头寨村 15887245112 红河侨乡驿站 Qiaoxiang Post House Dongmen Street, Yisa Town迤萨镇东门街 0873-4620999 红河撒玛阳光客栈 Sama Sunshine Inn Baohua Avenue, Baohua [...]

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