Southeast Yunnan Photography Tour to Dongchuan, Luoping, Puzhehei, Yuanyang and Jianshui

Southeast Yunnan Photography Tour to Donchuan(东川), Luoping(罗平), Puzhehei(普者黑), Yuanyang(元阳) and Jianshui(建水).

Nov03, 2016 at 16:18:17
Yunnan, a place where is remote, pure and primeval. It always attracts so many people to visit. In ancient history, centralized bureaucrat can’t govern it. A remote frontier area where different national minority inhabit together. Here, the culture of mysterious and obscure character. It is hidden and isolated in between long river and high mountains. Above features make Yunnan with full of magic color. And this time we bring to you is Yunnan place with odd index digit, east Yunnan and southeast Yunnan.
Photography destination recommendation
Yunnan: east Yunnan, southeast Yunnan or Donchuan, Luoping, Puzhehei and Yuanyang.
Hot spots recommendation, an artistic photography paradise. Spring to March, there is Luoping rape flower, a visual feast. Spots route is convenient; the distance between each place is short. Shutterbug always chooses taxi or self-driving. Departure from Kunming, the first station is Dongchuan red land, which is about 3 hours ride. There is ripping wheat during April to May. Buckwheat rape is during September to December. Left snow is during February to march.
When you arrive in Luoping with 0.8 million mu(about 13.16 acres) rape flower, Karst landform is very fascinating. On the way to Yuanyang pass by Luliang colored sand forest that you can enjoy your photography.Yuanyang rice terrace, Laohuzui sunset, the clay forest in Yuanmou, and Zhaotong Dabao Mountains(昭通大包山) all are famous shoot spots.
You can try these activities in this route. The first one is hiking adventure, it is suitable for primary hikers to wander, Yuanyang rice terraces and Dongchuan red land.
The next one is Bird watching. The best time for bird watching is November to next year march. There are many rare animals in Jiaozi Snow Mountain and Zhaotong Dashanbao, .for instance, black necked crane.
The third one is drift. There are many large rivers in Yunnan province cause of three parallel rivers. You can enjoy driftting in Luoping.
The last one is photography. Here with the high visiting rate in spring all over the county, with the most classic photography line and the most suitable season.

The first station
Dongchuan red land (东川红土地)

Transportation, the whole journey about 179.8km, 2hours and 42mins. It is subordinated to Dongchuan district in Kunming. You can take bus at north bus terminal of Kunming. It starts at 6:45am and end in 19:50pm. Basically, every 10 minis has a ride. When you arrive at village bus station, you can take the special bus to visit Dongchuan red land. There are also some private cars on business, you can use it if you discussing a reasonable price and sure the safety.
Shoot spot, the scenery spot is scattered, north – west – line, north line and south line. Colorful stone village, the center of the whole red land. It can be your base area for following few days’ travel.
Shooting location of Northwest
1.Langdadi(浪大地), tiers of terraced fields like windblown wave.
2.Jingxiuyuan(锦绣园), where planning potato flower , buckwheat flower etc.colorful crops. All kinds of color lump with different shades.
3.Qicaipo(七彩坡), it is 3.5km away from colorful stone village, and different soil in different line on the hillside.
4.Damakan(打马砍), in the north most, there are some farm houses that smoke from kitchen chimneys with an artistic beauty when they cooking. it is suitable for sunset cameral.
Northeast shooting point
Luoxiagou(落霞沟), in spring, farmers transplanting and watering in field, the terraced lines are fascinating and dreamy. It various according to wind direction, cloud layer, sunshine, plant and visual change. What strong stereo it is.
Yueliang Mountain(月亮山), gorge landscape and terraced wetland landscape are well- integrated within abundant layers.
The old dragon tree(老龙树)
It is a mysterious tree of thousands years. And Countless cobblestones here and there.
Southern shot point
Yuepuao(乐谱凹), A Varity of views in a year, changing seasons and never repeat the same view. Different view in everywhere, like the colorful note.
Wafangliangzi(瓦房梁子), go along with the Yuepuao and you can get there. With elevated land that can offering the best panoramic view of the whole mountain. Nearby is Luosiwan.(螺丝湾)

Tips, A good spot for photography around the world. The red land opens all the sights in 24 hours. You may tread the farm land if you want to get a better shooting angle and you may pay for it, the fee of treading the ground.please understand it.
The sanitary conditions are so good that you can check in happily. We suggest hiring cars instead of self-driving that you can enjoy photographing and keep good energy.
March and spring edition, a pure play trip for 2 days, departure from Kunming. (Two people set up + private independent group full freedom formal touring car +refuse black car)

The second station
Luoping rape flower(罗平油菜花)
Transportation, there is no need to worry about traffic there, it is very convenient. The train station away from the county about 1.5 km. it takes about 10miniues from train station to the down town, Zhenxing Street (振兴街)by motor tricycle. And there are special vehicle to each spot in Luoping bus stop (except Lubuge gorges(鲁布革三峡)). And the stations carry out rolling system, when the car is full and go. You also can take a bus on the road at ease.
Shooting, Jinjifeng(金鸡峰),which is core scenic area of Luoping peak forest. You can take a picture of sunrise in the morning. February to March is blooming season , there are 0.2 million mu rape flowers, very spectacular.

Jiulong waterfall(九龙瀑布), the Bouyei nationality, the local people call it as “Da Die Shui”, the river is rocky with rocks and the river is very different in depth.
Luositian(螺丝田), it is hidden in the mountains, a photography blockbuster and a preference to newspapers. The rape flowers form graceful stripes and geometric patterns.
Duoyi River(多依河),here are ancient wood , tall bamboo, clear spring and water fall. And there are also some Duoyi villages and bamboo rafting activities.

Tips, from spring to late March is the best time to travel in Luoping. Here with convenient transportation and everything natural can be a scene. The highway was well-built and very new. It across fields that you can savor the magnificent landscape well and felt quite shocked.

The third station
Transportation, it is located in Qiubei County, Wenshan autonomous prefecture. It is one of the brightest tourist cards in the state of Wenshan. Leaving Luoping for Qiubei with asphalt road and it is in good condition.

Shooting point
Shuangjiashan wharf(双甲山码头).It is the first checkpoint and tourists always choose the following ways to travel , sightseeing boat and bamboo raft.
Fair cave(仙人洞), from folk custom to every kind of facilities on the street, all of them is the original characteristics of Yi.
Dawan wet land (大湾湿地), shooting bamboo reflection and sunset.
Jinsuo Mountains(金锁山) , it is an excellent location where you can see the panoramic view. Rivers and lakes are here and there .windy waterways around the green hills and here with the highest probability of making large films of sunset. it is fun to see the light of lake and people.
Qinglong mountains(青龙山), it is the highest peak of Puzhehei. The best place to shoot the sunrise, sunset and idyllic scenery. Huoba cave and Guanyin cave are here. Guanyin cave with many people burn incense and worship god there.
Tips, the karst lake group, the cave group and the Gufeng group are unique scenery of China’s landscape. It is a pity to refuse visiting here. Rafting on the lake, the water is crystal clear and the summer lotuses are blooming, which is a feast of eyes. How comfortable it is. If you wouldn’t like to participate in the water war, you can hang a flag with refusing character. Vice versa, if you manna a fire. And you should better take more simple clothes to change in case of drenched. Come here; don’t be forget to savor fresh shrimp, little fish that catches timely and lotus package chicken, etc tasty dishes of local specialties.
The fourth station ,Yuan yang Hani rice terrace(元阳哈尼梯田)

Transportation, Yuanyang new county in the Nansha town, where is more than 30km away from Yuanyang terrace, about an hour’s mountain road ride. New street town is in old county town. The new street is closer to the Yuanyang terrace. You can choose your base area according to your luggage or preference.
Shooting point, after a day’s trip, there are more travelers to Yuanyang in the evening, all of them choose to shoot sunset here. The mountain is the most steep and magnificent.
Duoyishu(多依树), here is the best place to watch the sunrise .it stands at 1900meters. Morning glow, sea of clouds, terrace, and Thorpe and morning air all add radiance and beauty to each other. That is of poetry and grand.
Aitian village(爱田村), it is newly excavated by locals and few people knows that. Some kindly drivers will bring you here. The blue terraces are beautiful and the clouds float under your feet, like a fairy land.
Qingkou village (箐口村), the best place to photograph Hani humanities. Such as, mushroom house, village god forest, aqueduct, water mill, national costumes, harrow and weaving machine, etc.
Bada terrace (坝达梯田), the number of terrace is large and wide . There are 3700 layer terrace, an ultimate visual shock.
Tips, here, everyone is a master of photography. It is still mysterious and unsolved that human being is able to view the legacy terrace made by Hani people. The strong humanity and natural talent are well combined so that we have to indulge in a lot of love. We hope that our friends can have an unlimited harvest photo by Yuanyang.
Photo taken by Yuanyang, leaving from Kunming, Jianshui old town and Yuanyang terraces 3 days photo tour. (independent small group more free journey +more complete scenic spot)

Small tips for southeast Yunnan,
What is the elevation of these places?
Dongchuan stands 1800-2600km, Luoping stands 1000-2468km, Puzhehei stands 1000km, and Yuanyang stands 2939km.
Necessary items for southeast Yuanyang
Water side, Jiulong waterfall, sunglasses, sun-protective clothing, and sun cream and sun hat.

Climbing the mountains and cross the hills, electric torch, interchange jacket, sneaker, drug resistance for plateau, wound plats and essential balm.

Natural scenery, first-aid packet, antichloristic drug, vitamin, high energy food (beef jerky, chocolate)

Others, various digital products, chargers and photographic equipment.

Which season is most suitable to go? Winter and spring are best season (February to March). It is great time to enjoy the beauty of southeast Yunnan sight. Other time period, sunny weather, moderate rainfall, have no haze, water in the terraced field of Yuanyang and Luoping flower season.