Duan Fake – Inheritor of Caizha Paper Art in Wuhua District, Kunming City 


Duan Fake(段发科) was born in 1931, and lived in Jingxing Street of Kunming(昆明市景星街). His ancestral home  is Yuanmou county . He is good at caizha (彩扎)。 Duan family was engaged in caizha and mounting paintings from last four generations . He was influenced by his family from an early age, and he followed his father to learn caizha skills .

Personal Experiences

In 1951, he settled in Kunming from Yuanmou. He worked in the Ivory Carving Crafts Factory in Kunming, He also worked in caizha and mounting till now. This skill handed down by his ancestors can be inherited and developed under his hands. Because of his superb craftsmanship, people all respect him as “Master Duan “. Every kind of Folk Festival activities, “Master Duan ” is busy. He is good at colorful dragons, especially fire dragons and water dragons, in spring, “fire dragons” and “water dragons” in summer. Making good fortune and keeping peace is the meaning of “water dragons”.Dragon lanterns and mounted paintings can also be used as various theatrical supplies, such as props, facial makeup, etc. He is also good at clay sculptures and temple paintings.


In 2002, the Yunnan Provincial Culture Department and the Yunnan Provincial People’s Committee were named him as the Yunnan National Folk Art Artist.                                                                                                                                  He has been featured by Kunming Daily (昆明日报)and won the first prize at Panlong District(盘龙区) Lamp Exhibition.

Present Works

Lambs kneeling on their knees, crows feeding back, zodiac, 24 filial piety, elephant farming, Yuyang lying on the ice, deer breasts offering relatives, congratulating the New Year, all kinds of kites, etc., as well as paper tigers made in the period of resisting the United States,  as well as paper tigers used in festival celebrations. All kinds of props needed for the performance of Lantern Festival, etc. Also, he has He has sculpted Guanyin, the God of wealth, the God of land and the old longevity star according to the needs of the people.

Chinese Version: http://www.ynich.cn/view-ml-13111-2715.htm                                                                                    Translated by Lynette Fu/ 付云锐