First Matcha Parlor opened in Kunming

Cherry, bamboo, windbell and matcha, now you can have it all at Yuzhichuxi (宇治初昔), a newly opened matcha parlor on Wenlin Street, which has officially opened at the end of April.

Ever since matcha (or the finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea) became a popular ingredient, matcha flavored tea, coffee, dessert, cake and ice cream have also became sought-after products in China. It is very well received not just because of its special taste, but it has so many health benefits, such as: it prevents disease, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar and it is rich in fiber and vitamins, etc.

Yuzhichuxi has chosen the name Yuzhi (Uji-shi), a Japanese city, which is renowned by its premium green tea. And Chuxi, which refers to the best time of the tea harvest in a year: March 21st. To use the tea picked on this special day ensures the best quality matcha.

Among a great variety of matcha desserts and beverages, matcha ice cream is, as we think a special treat in the summer and yet we didn’t feel guilty about having it, as we believe it is such a healthy dessert after all!

Address: Wenhuaxiang (文化巷), Kunming, just opposite the local police station